Combat Basics
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Combat is easy to learn in MU Online.
  • Normal Attack: [Left Click]
  • Skill Attack: [Right Click]
  • PvP Attack: [CTRL]+[Click]
  • Pick up items: [SPACE BAR]
  • Item name display: [ALT]

Additional Info
  • In PvP, 90% damage per attack is applied to SD and 10% at HP.
  • When SD is depleted, 100% of damage is applied to HP.
  • SD parameter is automatically recovered, but only in safe areas.
  • HP only regenerates if you have the additional option on rings, pendant, or wings. (or from MST)

Leveling Up
  • Characters can earn experience points in several ways:
    • Killing monsters
    • Completing quests
    • Playing mini-games
  • As a character's level increases, you can:
    • Increase character stats
    • Equip new armor and weapons
    • Learn new skills
    • Complete new quests
    • Advance character classes
    • Unlock game features
    • Unlock new characters
    • And much more

Critical Excellent Damage

Consumable Quick Slots
There are four Quick Slots that can be assigned to consumable items!
  • Hot-keys: [Q], [W], [E], [R]
  • Consumables:
    • Potions
    • Town Portal Scroll
    • Ale
    • Jack O'lantern buffs
    • Cherry Blossom buffs
  • Drag and drop items into the slot to assign it to a hot-key.

Quick Slots

Skills, Spells, and Buffs
The skill menu will display all character skills and information about the skills. Set skills to the desired skill slot to use the skill in combat.

Skill Shortcut Keys

Additional Information
  • Skill UI hot-key: [U]
  • Basic skills can be used via hot-keys: [1] ~ [5]
  • Special skills can be used via hot-keys: [6] ~ [0]
  • Skills displayed in black-and-white havn't been learned yet.
  • To assign a skill to the desired hot-key, drag and drop the skill icon into a skill slot.
  • The cursor and [CTRL]+[#] can also be used to assign skills to hot-keys.
  • A skill must be assigned to a hot-key for it to be used with the MU Helper.
  • Special skills and buffs don't have elemental attributes (nor imprints).

Skill Imprinting Menu

How do I learn new skills?
  • Skills are learned by right-clicking skill items.
  • There are several skill items to look for:
    • Orbs
    • Crystals
    • Scrolls
    • Parchments
    • Skills
  • Many low-level skills are sold by merchants.
  • Some skills can only be obtained by hunting monsters

What is a buff?
  • A buff is a skill that changes a character's status, positively.
  • A buff which negatively changes a character's status, is known as a debuff.
  • Buffs can usually be casted on any character, including the caster.
  • A buff's effect can be increased depending on the casting character's stats.

How Do The Different Attack Styles Differ?
  • There are currently three main attack styles:
    • Physical damage
    • Wizardry damage
    • Curse damage
  • Physical damage stacks with any skill damages and bonuses.
  • Wizardry damage is considered base skill damage, but is not effected by curse bonuses.
  • Curse damage is considered base skill damage, but is not effected by wizardry bonuses.

Skill Imprinting
Most basic skills have an elemental attribute type. The skill's damage will increase if it has the same elemental tpye as an equipped pentagram. This is known as skill imprinting.
  • When a skill and pentagram share a common elemental type, skill imprinting is activated.
  • Imprinted skills will display a small elemental icon in the Skill UI.
  • Each skill's imprint has a unique skill damage percentage increase.
  • Elemental Imprint is determined from the pentagram's properties:
    • Pentagram's tier
    • Pentagram's base level
    • Base level of any errtel inside the Pentagram
  • [Elemental Imprint] * [Imprint DMG %] = [Increased Skill DMG]

Skill Imprinting Info

Skill Info

Passive Effects, Bonuses, and Formulas
Passive Effects
  • Mana Regeneration
    • [Max Mana]/27.5
  • AG Regeneration:
    • 2 + ([Max AG]/20)
  • Excellent Damage:
    • (1.1 * [Critical Damage])
  • Critical Damage:
    • [Max Damage]
  • Regeneration Rate:
    • ~3 Seconds

Miscellaneous Bonuses
  • +10% Defense Rate
    • Equip a full armor set of one type
    • (Example: Dragon Helm, Armor, Pants, Gloves, Boots)
    • *MG and RF must wear class specific sets for bonus
  • +5% Defense
    • Equip a full armor set of one type [+10]
  • +10% Defense
    • Equip a full armor set of one type [+11]
  • +15% Defense
    • Equip a full armor set of one type [+12]
  • +20% Defense
    • Equip a full armor set of one type [+13]
  • +25% Defense
    • Equip a full armor set of one type [+14]
  • +30% Defense
    • Equip a full armor set of one type [+15]

Miscellaneous Formulas
  • SD Formula:
    • ([cLevel] * [cLevel] / 30) + ([STR] + [AGI] + [VIT] + [ENE] + [COM]) * 1.2) + ([cDefense] / 2)
      • [cLevel] = character level
      • [cDefense] = character defense
      • (*additional SD can be recieved from the MST, and JOG option.
  • EXP Formula (Level 1 ~ 400):
    • (([cLevel] + 9) * [cLevel] ^ 2 * 10)
      • [cLevel] = character level

How To Over-rate Monsters
By raising a character's defense succsess rate, it can over-rate a monster's attack rate. When a character over-rates a monster, the character will be almost invinsible to the respective monster.

Over-rate Benifits
  • Absorbs 80% of final damage
  • The monster will have a 3% chance to hit the character.

How Does It Work?
  • A character's Defense Rate must be greater than the monster's Attack Rate
  • You can check monster's attack rate in our Monster Database

Universal Drops & Info
  • Zen can drop from all monsters however, you must be gaining EXP for zen to drop from a monster kill.
  • Items with +Luck attribute can be dropped by normal monsters and bosses.
  • Items with +Option attribute are dropped by bosses only.
  • The following items can be dropped by all monsters:
  • Monsters over level 20 can drop excellent items and jewels.
  • Excellent items and jewels have a very low drop rate.
  • Boss monsters have a high drop rate of excellent items.
  • Some boss monsters drop ancient items.
  • Raklion is the only map you can find socket items.

Universal Drops


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