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Player VS Player (PVP)
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Player VS Player combat can only be performed on PVP servers. There are also a handful of mini-games that involve PVP combat.
  • Enabled via the [CTRL] button
  • Killing a player you attacked first will accumulate PK Points.
  • If attacked first, you may kill the attacker without penalty (it is self-defense).
  • The self-defense system will expire after a 60 second period.

PK Status
  • Killing players will accumulate PK Points, which will give your character a PK Status.
  • PK Points do not have a maximum limit.
  • You can view PK Points by talking to Pasi the Mage in Lorencia!
  • PK Points will decrease one point per second while logged into the game.
  • PK Points can be decreased by killing monsters in Vulcanus; points deducted per kill: (Monster Level / 2)

PK Status will effect your character with the following disadvantages.
PK Status PK Points Item Drop Rate Warp Cost EXP Deduction Zen Deduction
Default 0 0%* Default 3%** 4%***
PK Level 1 21,600 25% Default 5% 4%***
PK Level 2 43,200 50% Default 10% 4%***
PK Level 3 86,400 90% Default x 50 20% 4%***
> PK Level 3 +3,600 per PK level 90% Default x 50 20% 4%***
*only when killed by a player. 6% drop rate when killed by monsters.
**applies to characters greater than level 221. Level 151~220: 2%. Level 11~150: 1%.
***zen is deducted from both inventory and vault.

PVP Restrictions
  • Disabled in safe-zones
  • Disabled in NON-PVP servers
  • Cannot use NPC shops with PK status
  • PK Level 1+: Cannot connect to NON-PVP servers.
  • PK Level 2+: When connecting to the game, you will spawn in Lorencia
  • PK Level 3+: Cannot attack outside of the Vulcanus map. (potentially a bug)
Dealing Arena Menu Dueling Arena
  • The Dueling Arena is located in the Vulcanus safe-zone (only accessible via PVP server).
  • Speak with NPC Doorkeeper Titus to watch any on-going duels.
  • You cannot drop items nor lose EXP during a duel.

How It Works
  • A duel request can be sent via the command menu (Hot-key [D])
  • The players will spawn on opposite sides of the arena
  • The first player to 10 kills wins the duel.
  • Once the duel has ended, the players will be warped to Noria.
Warp Command Window Vulcanus & Gens
  • Vulcanus is the Gens battle ground.
  • In Vulcanus, Gens members can fight the rival Gens to earn contribution points!
  • In Vulcanus, Players will not drop items on death (from PK).
  • Vulcanus has a +50% EXP boost due to the PVP threat is presents.
  • There is no PVP penalty for killing players in Vulcanus.
  • For more info about the Gens system, see our Gens Guide.

How It Works
  • Each kill in Vulcanus will earn Gens Contribution Points.
  • If you kill someone from the same Gens family, contribution points will decrease.
  • If you are killed by someone from the rival family, contribution points will decrease.

Contribution Point Table
Level DifferenceKill EnemyKilled By Enemy
Over 50 levels lower1-3
31-50 levels lower2-3
11-30 levels lower3-3
10 levels lower or greater5-3
11-30 levels greater6-2
31-50 levels greater6-2
Over 50 levels greater7-1


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