Stat Points
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As characters gain combat level, they earn additional stat points. These stat points can be applied to your character's abilities, via the Character UI (Hot-key: [C]).

Additional information
  • Stat points increase base stats of the character
  • See the character guides for character stat formulas
  • Stat specializations can be earn based on the greatness of a stat's value
  • Stat points can be earned by increasing a character's level
    • Basic characters:
      • Lv 1 ~ 220: 5 points per level
      • Lv 220+: 6 points per level
    • Advanced Characters:
      • 7 points per level
  • A limited amount of stat points can also be earned via stat fruits.

How do I add stat points?
  • Open the Character UI (Hot Key: [C])
  • When you have points available, a small red box ([+]) will be displayed
  • Click the box to assign one point to the corresponding stat
  • Use the middle click button on the mouse to add 7 points per second

Stat Specializations

Build Examples
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Stat Fruits
Your character can earn additional stat points by consuming Stat Fruits!

Additional Information
  • There is a stat fruit for each status:
  • These fruits can be created via the Chaos Goblin Machine
  • The fruits can add or remove stat points
  • Most characters have up to 127 fruit stat points*
  • The Dark Lord only has 115 fruit stat points*
  • The Magic Gladiator only has 100 fruit stat points*
    • *max value is achieved at level 400
  • Current stat fruit points can be viewed in the Character UI

How It Works
  • Fruits have a chance to fail, but it varies based on how many points have already been added/removed from the character.
  • The success rate decreases as more stat fruit points are added/removed
  • The success rate is display in the Character UI
  • When adding points, a random amount of 1~3 stat points will be added
  • When removing points, a random amount of 1~9 stat points will be removed

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