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[Stat Points] & [Character Class] Builds
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A character's [Stats], displayed in the [Character Menu], are the base variable which ultimately calculate each of the character's abilities. When initially created, each [Character Class] is born with unique [Base Stats], which can never be decreased below their base amount. However, these [Stats] can be increased by gaining additional [Stat Points].

How do I increase [Stats]?
  • [Stats] are displayed in the [Character Menu]. (Hot-key: [C])
  • [Stats] can be increased by investing [Stat Points] into them.
  • [Stat Points] are gained by:
    • increasing [Character Level], up to [Level 400]
    • using [Stat Fruit]
    • completing [Quests]
  • When [Stat Points] are available for investment, a small red [+] icon will appear next to each [Stat].
  • [Left Click] the [+] icon to assign one [Stat Point] to the [Stat]
  • Hold [Middle Click] to quickly add a mass amount of [Stat Points].

[Stat Points] per [Character Level]
  • [Tier 1] [Character Class]
    • [+5] [Stat Points] per [Character Level]
    • Additional [+1] [Stat Points] per [Character Level] after the [Treasures of MU] [Quest]
  • [Tier 2] [Character Class]
    • [+7] [Stat Points] per [Character Level]

Additional information
  • [Stat Points] can be invested into any of the character's [Stats], at any time.
  • Once a [Stat Point] is invested into a [Stat], the [Stat Point] cannot be redistributed to another [Stat].
  • The only way to remove [Stat Points] from [Stats], for redistribution, is via [Stat Fruit], or [Premium Items] from the [Cash Item Shop].
  • The amount of [Stat Points] a character earns, per [Character Level], is based on its starting [Character Class].
  • Each character has unique [Character Specializations] which can be gained by investing a certain amount of [Stat Points] into a specfic [Stat].

[Character Specialization]

Charcter [Stat] Fomulas
Please see each character's guide for the detail about their [Stat] formulas:



Stat Fruits
Additional [Stat Points] can be gained via [Stat Fruit]! [Stat Fruit] can also remove a limited amount of [Stat Points] for redistribution.

Additional Information
  • There is a [Stat Fruit] for each [Stat]:
  • [Stat Fruit] is crafted via NPC [Chaos Goblin Machine]
  • [Stat Fruit] can add a limited amount of additional [Stat Points].
  • [Stat Fruit] can also remove a limited amount of [Stat Points] for redistribution.
  • Any [Stat] cannot be decreased lower than the character's original [Base Stat].
  • The amount of [Stat Points] a chacter can add, or remove, depends on its [Character Level], and it may also depend on their [Character Class]:
    • [Character Level] [Level 400]: (x127) [Stat Points] max
    • [Dark Lord] [Level 400]: (x115) [Stat Points] max
    • [Magic Gladiator] [Level 400]: (x100) [Stat Points] max
    • The amount of [Stat Points] which [Stat Fruit] can remove is displayed in the [Character Menu].

    How It Works
    • Fruits have a chance to fail, but it varies based on how many points have already been added/removed from the character.
    • The success rate decreases as more stat fruit points are added/removed
    • The success rate is display in the Character UI
    • When adding points, a random amount of 1~3 stat points will be added
    • When removing points, a random amount of 1~9 stat points will be removed

    stat fruit
    create stat points
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