[Gremory Case]
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The [Gremory Case] is an inventory which stores rewards from [Mini-games] and [Events]. Open the [Gremory Case] to claim your hard earned rewards!

[Gremory Case]
  • [Hot-key]: [K]
  • The [Gremory Case] stores rewards items from [Mini-games] and [Events].
  • Items stored in the [Gremory Case] have an expiration date.
  • Items will be deleted if they are not claimed by the expiration date.
  • A maximum of 50 items can be stored in the [Gremory Case].
  • [Character] storage tab displays items acquired through that specific character.
  • [My Server] storage tab displays items acquired from [Battle Core] servers.
  • Rewards from the following [Mini-games] will be stored in the [Gremory Case]:
    • [Chaos Castle]
    • [Blood Castle]
    • [Devil's Square]
    • [Illusion Temple]
    • [Doppelganger]
    • All [Battle Core] [Mini-games]

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