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Personal Store

Your items can be sold in your very own Personal Store. You can set the price of your items and choose between several different currencies!

# Buying Items
You can search through any player's Personal Store by using the Store Search List.
  • Hot-key: [P]
  • Click any Character Name on the Store List to send a Whisper or Mail to them.
  • You can refine your search by typing in an item name. It is case sensitive.
  • You can search Personal Stores and purchase items while hunting and in any map.
You can also open another player's Personal Store by using the Buy Command.

# Selling Items

Open your own personal store to start selling items yourself. To access your Personal Store, open your inventory and then click the Persoanl Store button. You can also press S while you inventory is open to open the Personal Store.
  • Hot-key: S, while Inventory is open.
  • Opened from the Inventory via Personal Store button.
  • Personal Stores can only be opened in Lorencia, Noria, Elveland, or Devias.
  • Personal Stores automatically close when entering an area where its not allowed.
  • Items can be sold in exchange for Zen, Jewel of Chaos, Jewel of Soul, and\or Jewel of Bless.
  • You can edit or withdrawn the listings only when the shop is closed.
  • Tax is charged to the seller, as a fee, for using the Personal Store.
  • Tax on Zen is 1% of the total amount exchanged.
  • Tax on Jewels is 3% of the total amount exchanged.
  • Tax will not be applied if the exchange amount is less than (x17) Jewels.
  • If the Jewel exchange amount is greater than (x16) Jewels, at least (x1) Jewel is charged for Tax.

You can sell up to 5 items for one purchase price by ticking the Bundle Sale optoion in the sale settings.
When an item is sold or withdrawn, the items go to the Gremory Case. Click the Personal Store tab in the Gremory Case to find your items from the Personal Store.
  • * Items expire after 7 days! *
  • If the Gremory Case is full, the character cannot buy/sell/withdraw items.
  • There may be a delay of up to 1 minute for any transaction to be completed.

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