Dragon Invasion
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Everyday at 10:00 UTC, dragons invade the continent of MU! It is an easy way to pick up some Jewels of Bless!

How To Participate
  • Travel to the map that is invaded by Dragons, at the mini-game start time.
  • Kill any Red Dragon seen.

Level Suggestion

Event Times
  • 10:00 UTC

  • Dragons will appear in one of three maps (either Lorencia, Noria, or Devias) during the mini-game.
  • Special animations of dragons flying around will appear, during the mini-game.
  • Sometimes Golden Dragon appear, instead of Red Dragon.
  • When the mini-game starts, there will be a system announcement: "[map_name] Dragon Invasion!"
  • The dragons spawns at random co-ordinates.
  • There will be 4 or 5 dragons, each invasion.
  • Search the map quickly, to find and kill the Dragons first!
  • When the mini-game has ended, the mini-game animations will be disabled.

  • There are no special rules for this mini-game.


Monster Drop Reward List
Red Dragon
  • Zen
  • Jewel of Bless
Golden Dragon
  • Box of Kundun* (+1, +2, +3)
  • (*drops 3 ~ 5 boxes per kill)


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