White Wizard
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Everyday, The White Wizard and his army of evil try to invade MU! Slay the evil Wizard, and his minions, for the sake of the Continent!

How To Participate
  • Travel to the map that is invaded by the White Wizard, at the mini-game start time.
  • Kill the White Wizard.

Level Suggestion
  • Level 200+

Event Times
  • 10:12 UTC

  • White Wizard will appear in one of three maps (either Lorencia, Noria, or Devias) during the mini-game.
  • When the mini-game starts, there will be a system announcement: "[map_name] White Wizard Invasion!"
  • The White Wizard spawns at random co-ordinates.
  • There will be 20 ~ 40 Destruction Ogres fighting for the White Wizard.
  • Search the map quickly, to find and kill the White Wizard first!
  • When the mini-game ends, there will be a system announcement saying the White Wizard was defeated.
  • The player that kills the White Wizard, will have the charcter name displayed in the system announcement.

White Wizard invasion

  • Only one Ring of Wizard may be in your inventory, at the same time.
    • Ring of Wizard is non-tradable.
    • Ring of Wizard can be sold in personal store.
    • More than one Ring of Wizard can be in the personal store, at the same time.

Monster List
White Wizard
  • Combat Level: 87
  • Health Points: 26000
  • Min/Max Damage: 370 ~ 410
  • Total Defense: 400
  • Defense Rate: 200
Destructive Ogre Archer
  • Combat Level: 74
  • Health Points: 12000
  • Min/Max Damage: 220 ~ 260
  • Total Defense: 190
  • Defense Rate: 130
Destructive Ogre Soldier
  • Combat Level: 70
  • Health Points: 9500
  • Min/Max Damage: 210 ~ 240
  • Total Defense: 180
  • Defense Rate: 125

Monster Drop Reward List


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