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Ring of Glory
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  • Difficulty: Intermediate
  • Required Level: 220
  • Characters: Blade Knight, Muse Elf, Soul Master, Bloody Summoner
  • Required item: 3,000,000 Zen
Required Quests
NPC Muren Muren can be found roaming about in Lorencia (Co-ord:136,88), Noria(Co-ord:169,88), Devias(Co-ord:197,48), or Atlans(Co-ord:16,35); he changes his location every few minutes.

Speak with Muren and he will request 3,000,000 Zen in exchange for information about the Dark Stone. He will tell you about the sacred Dark Stone and how it has been stolen by Kundun's army! It will be your mission to find and return the Dark Stone!
The Ring of Glory
According to military reports, the Ring of Glory could be in Tarkan, Kanturu, Icarus, Aida, Swamp of Peace, Crywolf, The Land of Trials, Vulcanus, Acheron, or even La Cleon! It is noted Tarkan and Icarus are areas of higher probability.

  • Semi-rare drop
  • Obtainable in a party.
  • Cannot be traded, sold, or put into storage.
  • Item cannot be picked up unless the quest is active.
  • MU Helper Terms: Glory, Ring, Ring of Glory
Areas to Hunt
  • Tarkan*
  • Icarus*
  • Adia*
  • Kanturu
  • Land of Trials
  • Crywolf
  • Vulcanus
  • Karutan
  • Acheron
  • La Cleon
  • Swamp of Peace
*recommended hunting location
Monsters to Hunt
Tarkan Icarus Land of Trials Aida Kanturu Crywolf Vulcanus Karutan Acheron La Cleon Swamp of Peace
Once you've found the sacred ring, return it to Muren for your reward!
  • New Ability: 6 Skill Points earned per character level*
  • New Quest: The Master Quest**
  • Muse Elf: Infinity Arrow Unlocked
  • Blade Knight: New Quest: The Dark Stone
*if your character's level is greater than 220, you will receive one additional skill point per level to compensate for missed skill points.
**excluding Blade Knights

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