Treasures of MU
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  • Difficulty: Easy
  • Required Level: 150
  • Characters: Dark Knight, Fairy Elf, Dark Wizard, Summoner
  • Required item: 2,000,000 Zen
Required Quests
Preist Sebina After completing the Scroll of Emperor quest, you may begin the Treasures of MU! Speak with Priest Sebina in northern Devias (Co-ord:183,32) and she will request 2,000,000 Zen. She will tell you more about the Treasures of MU and the character's sacred tribe item.

The Treasures of MU
Dark Knight Tribe
Broken Sword
Fairy Elf Tribe
Tear of Elf
Dark Wizard Tribe
Wizard's Soul Shard
Summoner Tribe
Abyssal Eye

Historically, these treasures were offered to the Emperor of the Continent as a sign of loyalty. Each character's tribe had a unique sacred item.

According to historic records, the treasures could be in either the Lost Tower, Atlans, or Tarkan. Records indicate a Death Knight, Death Gorgon, Great Bahamut, Silver Valkyre, Lizard King, Hydra, Mutant, or Bloody Wolf may be carrying the item.

  • Semi-common drop
  • Obtainable in a party.
  • Cannot be traded, sold, or put into storage.
  • Item cannot be picked up unless the quest is active.
  • MU Helper Terms: Broken, Broken Sword, Tear, Tear of Elf, Elf, Wizard, Wizard's Soul, Shard, Abyssal, Eye
Areas to Hunt
  • Lost Tower 5 - 7
  • Atlans 2 & 3
  • Tarkan 1
Monsters to Hunt
When you have found the sacred treasure associated with you character's tribe, return to Sebina for your reward!


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