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Hanzo The Blacksmith
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[Hanzo The Blacksmith] specializes in selling goods for beginner [Dark Knight], [Rage Fighter], and [Dark Lord] [Character Classes]. Items for sale include [Shield] items and various [Weapons]. You can find [Hanzo The Blacksmith] in [Lorencia] and also in [Crywolf] if the [Server] won the [Crywolf Invasion] [Mini-game].

Hanzo The Blacksmith
  • Located in [Lorencia] @(117, 144).
  • Located in [Crywolf] @(144, 12), if the [Server] won the [Crywolf Invasion] [Mini-game].
  • Sells items for the [Dark Knight], [Rage Fighter], and [Dark Lord] [Character Classes].
  • Any item can be sold to this [NPC] for [Zen].
  • Any item can be repaired by this [NPC] for a [Zen] fee.

[Hanzo The Blacksmith]

Item Selling List
[Shield] items:
  • [Short Sword] [+0] [+4 DMG] [+Luck]
    • Cost: 230 [Zen]
  • [Hand Axe] [+1] [+4 DMG] [+Luck]
    • Cost: 610 [Zen]
  • [Mace] [+2] [+4 DMG] [+Luck]
    • Cost: 1,900 [Zen]
  • [Rapier] [+2] [+4 DMG] [+Luck]
    • Cost: 2,600 [Zen]
  • [Double Axe] [+2] [+4 DMG] [+Skill] [+Luck]
    • Cost: 12,400 [Zen]
  • [Sword of Assassin] [+3] [+4 DMG] [+Skill] [+Luck]
    • Cost: 13,800 [Zen]
  • [Morning Star] [+3] [+4 DMG] [+Skill] [+Luck]
    • Cost: 15,400 [Zen]
  • [Tomahawk] [+3] [+4 DMG] [+Skill] [+Luck]
    • Cost: 24,800 [Zen]
  • [Kris] [+2] [+4 DMG] [+Luck]
    • Cost: 1,600 [Zen]
  • [Gladius] [+3] [+4 DMG] [+Skill] [+Luck]
    • Cost: 29,400 [Zen]
  • [Falchion] [+3] [+4 DMG] [+Skill] [+Luck]
    • Cost: 40,100 [Zen]
  • [Serpent Sword] [+3] [+4 DMG] [+Skill] [+Luck]
    • Cost: 60,400 [Zen]
  • [Blade] [+3] [+4 DMG] [+Skill] [+Luck]
    • Cost: 86,400 [Zen]

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[Repair] Feature
  • Almost any item's [Durability] can be repaired by this [NPC] for a [Zen] fee.
  • Use the [Repair] button to repair one specific item.
  • Use the [Repair All] button to repair all equipped items.
  • The cost of item repair depends on the value of the item.
  • For example, a [Normal Item] with [Item Level] [+0] will cost less to repair compared to an [Excellent Item] with [Item Level] [+15].
  • [Bound] items, [Time-limited] items, and [Premium] items cannot be repaired.

Repair Button
Repair Cost


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