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Santa's Village Event
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Each year, there is a winter celebration, in which Santa visits! During this special event, you can obtain an Invitation to Santa's Village. Use the ticket to go to Santa's Village for free presents and buffs.

The Invitation to Santa's Village was supposed to be given free to all players - however, a Cursed Santa has appeared and corrupted Santa's poor Goblins. Now, you must kill Cursed Santa and the Cursed Goblins to obtain the special Invitations! Curse you, Kundun!


Additional info
  • Cursed Santa and Cursed Goblins will spawn in the following maps:
    • Lorencia
    • Noria
    • Devias
  • Typically, the Cursed monsters are found just outside the city's gates.
  • Cursed Goblins drop the Invitation to Santa's Village
  • Killing Cursed Santa will earn a special buff:
    • Blessing of Xmas
    • Increased DMG and DEF
    • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Invitation to Santa's Village can be used 10 times.
  • Speak with the real Santa, in Santa's Village for a free gift.
  • Santa will only give one gift, per character, per 24 hours.
  • You can leave Santa's Village by speaking to NPC Snowman.
  • Santa's helper Elves can give you an additional buff.

Santa's Elf Buffs
Each of Santa's little helpers can give you a unique buff:
  • Santa Healing
    • Max HP +500
    • Duration: 30 minutes

  • Santa Quickness
    • Attack Speed +15
    • Duration: 30 minutes

  • Santa Protection
    • Max Mana +500
    • Duration: 30 minutes

  • Santa Fortune
    • AG Auto-recovery +10
    • Duration: 30 minutes

  • Santa Strengthener
    • Attack(Wiz) Power +30
    • Duration: 30 minutes

  • Santa Defense
    • Defense +100
    • Duration: 30 minutes

  • Recovers 100% HP
    • Duration: one-time

  • Recovers 100% Mana
    • Duration: one-time




You may receive the following items by speaking with NPC Santa, in Santa's Village:
NPC Santa
NPC Santa
  • 30,000 zen
  • Jewel of Chaos
  • Snowman Transformation Ring
  • Imp
  • Guardian Angel
  • Pet Rudolph
  • Lost Map [+1 ~ +7]
  • Invisibility Cloak [+1 ~ +7]
  • Devil Square Invitation [+1 ~ +7]
  • Scroll of Blood [+1 ~ +5]

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