[MU Helper]
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The [MU Helper] is an in-game feature which allows a character to attack monsters automatically! This feature is fully customizable, and can be useful to enhance your monster slaying effectiveness. Most importantly, the [MU Helper] can be used to level up a character without actually playing! Meaning, you can go "AFK" ("away from keyboard") and still kill monsters!

[MU Helper] Menu
  • [MU Helper] Menu: [Z]
  • [Hunting] tab: attacking settings
  • [Obtaining] tab: loot settings
  • [Other Settings] tab: auto-accept, elite potion, and SNS settings
[MU Helper]
[MU Helper] attack range
[Instant Hunting Log]
  • Toggle [MU Helper]:
    • [Middle Click]
    • [S] + [Left Click]
    • [Home]
  • When activated, a large circle appears around the character which represents the automatic attack range.
  • When activated, [Instant Hunt Log] appears, which is an on-screen, smaller version of the [Hunting Log].

Additional info

[Assign Helper]



[Hunting] Settings
[MU Helper] Menu [Hunting] Tab
  • [Range]: sets the distance (in tiles) the character will travel to attack a monster.
  • [Use Regular Attack]: toggles the use of regular attacks, if [Skills] cannot be used; it has the lowest attack priority.
  • [Target Concentration]: prioritizes attacking the largest group of monsters (vs. the closest monster).
  • [Use Skills Closely]: increases the priority of [Skills] and their conditions.
  • [Long Distance Counter Attacks]: if a monster is attacking from outside of the [MU Helper] [Range], this option will allow the character to counter-attack the monster, regardless of the [Range].
  • [Potion]: toggles the use of [HP Potion] automatically; its setting can be adjusted.
  • [Buff Skill]: toggles the use of the selected [Buff] [Skills].
  • [Buff Item]: toggles the use of the selected [Buff] [Items].

[Original Position]

[Basic Skill]

[Activation Skill]

Variable Settings
These settings are only available with certain [Character Classes]:

[Obtaining] Settings
[MU Helper] Menu [Obtaining] Tab
  • [Range]: sets the distance (in tiles) the character will travel to pick up any item.
  • [Repair Item]: toggles the use of [Repair] automatically. It repairs once an equipped item reaches 50% [Durability].
  • [Repair Muun]: toggles the use of [Muun] [Repair] automatically. It repairs [Muun] if the item reaches less than (5/255) [HP]. The repair consumes (x1) [Jewel of Life] from the character's inventory. Repairs [Main Muun].
  • [Pick All Near Items]: when selected, the character will pick up every item it sees on the ground.
  • [Pick Selected Items]: when selected, the character will only pick up the items selected in the [MU Helper] [Obtaining] menu checklist.
[Add Extra Item]
  • Here you can enter specific words to create a list of terms that the character will search for.
  • Enter the text into the text-box below [Add Extra Item] and click [Add] to add it to the list.
  • The text entered into the list is CaSe SeNsItIvE.
  • To remove an entry, click the text and then click [Delete].
  • [Add Extra Item] Examples:
    • Entering "Option" will pick up items with [Jewel Of Life Option].
    • Entering "+5" will pick up items with an [Item Level] [+5].
    • Entering "Boots" will pick up any item with the word "Boots" in its name.
    • Entering "leather" will NOT pick up [Leather Helm]. You must enter "Leather" (use the capitalized letter "L").

Other Settings
[MU Helper] Menu [Obtaining] Tab
  • [Auto Accept - Friend]: when selected, incoming [Party] requests, only from characters on your [Friend List], are accepted automatically.
  • [Auto Accept - Guild Member]: when selected, incoming [Party] requests, only from characters in the same [Guild], are accepted automatically.
  • [Use Elite Mana Potion]: when selected, the character will automatically consume any [Elite Mana Potion] first.
  • [Facebook]: Press [Connect] to open the [Connect to SNS] menu; hot-key: [J].

Hunting Log
The [Hunting Log] can track up to 60 days of detailed combat statistics, while using the [MU Helper] feature.

Hunting Log UI

  • Hot-key: [END]
  • It keeps track of certain statistics for up to 60 individual days, per map.
  • Use the drop down list to view the statistics of a different map.
  • You can view either [Accumulative] or [Per Second] statistics.
  • The information can be displayed as a [Table] or [Graph].
  • A character can choose to share their [Hunting Log] publicly by toggling [Open My Hunting History] option.
  • To view at another character's public [Hunting Log], use the [Quick Command Menu] ([ALT] + [Right Click]).
  • It keeps track of the following statistics:
    • Hunting time
    • [Normal DMG] dealt
    • [Elemental DMG] dealt
    • [HP] recovered
    • Monster kills
    • [EXP] gained

[Instant Hunting Log]
  • The [Hunting Log] can be minimized into the [Instant Hunting Log]
  • The [Instant Hunting Log] only displays the current session's [Per Second] statistics:
    • Total Hunting Time
    • [Normal] [DMG] dealt, per second
    • [Elemental] [DMG] dealt, per second
    • [HP] recovered, per second
    • Monsters killed, per second
    • [EXP] gained, per second
  • [Instant Hunting Log] can be moved anywhere on the screen, or hidden via the [x] button.
  • The [-] button opens the [Hunting Log] menu.



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