Boss Hunting Competition
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Occasionally, there will be a boss hunting competition in MU! Prove your mightiness by forming a party and killing each boss monster to earn free rewards! Record your team of players killing each unique boss monster, and your video will earn your team Event Points.

How It Works

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Previous Winners
The following videos are examples of actual previously selected submissions:

February - 2017

The following items have been given away in previous events:
February - 2017
  • Top prize:
    • Errtel of Anger [+7] [+7] (Rank2) (Fire)
    • Errtel of Blessing [+7] [+3] (Rank2) (Fire)
    • Errtel of Integrity [+7] (Rank1) (Fire)
    • Errtel of Divinity [+7] (Rank1) (Fire)
    • Errtel of Radiance [+7] (Rank1) (Fire)
    • 90 Jewels of Bless
  • Secondary prize:
    • Errtel of Anger [+7] [+3] (Rank2) (Fire)
    • Errtel of Blessing [+7] (Rank1) (Fire)
    • 60 Jewels of Bless
  • Special prize:
    • Rare Item Ticket #7
    • Pandora‚Äôs Pick [Dur: 255/255]
    • Horn of Fenrir


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