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Game Controls
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Like all typical MMO games, [MU Online] requires a mouse and keyboard to play.

Basic Controls
  • [Left click]: action button
  • [Right click]: alternative action button
  • [Middle click]: start/stop [MU Helper]
  • [Scroll wheel]:zoom the camera in/out
  • [1] ~ [9] & [0]: [Skill] [Hot-keys]
  • [Q], [W], [E], [R]: consumable item [Hot-keys]
  • [Space Bar]: pick up items
  • [Ctrl]: hold the key to perform [PVP] attacks
  • [Ctrl] + [Z]: mount to equipped [Muun] item
  • [Alt]: toggles the display of names of items on the ground
  • [Alt] + [Right click]: on any character - opens [Character Commands].
keyboard controls

Keyboard Shortcuts
  • [I],[V]: opens [Character Inventory]
  • [S], while [Character Inventory] is open: - opens [Personal Store]
  • [K]: [Gremory Case]
  • [C]: opens [Character Menu]
  • [U]: opens [Skill Menu]
  • [Z]: [MU Helper] options
  • [M]: [Warp Command Menu]
  • [T]: opens [Quest Menu]
  • [Y]: opens [Muun Menu]
  • [D]: [Character Commands]
  • [F]: [Friends List] & [Mail]
  • [B]: [Gens Menu]
  • [G]: [Guild Menu]
  • [A]: opens [Master Skill Tree]
  • [Ctrl] + [A]: opens [Enhance Skill Tree]
  • [N]: [Party] & [Guild] [Matching]
  • [X]: [Cash Item Shop]
  • [P]: opens [Personal Store List]
  • [J]: [Facebook] app
  • [END]: opens [Hunting Log]
  • [O]: opens [Option Menu]
  • [ESC]: [System Menu]
  • [Tab]: opens the [Mini-map]:
    • "[": increases opacity
    • "]": decreases opacity
    • [-]: reduces size
    • [+]: increases size
Chat box controls
chat box
  • [Enter]: opens [Chat Box]
  • [Up]\[Down Arrow], while the [Chat Box] is open: personal chat history
  • [F1]: [Play Guide]
  • [F2]: [Block] list
  • [F5]: toggles [Chat Box] display
  • [F9]: toggles [Gens] chat display
  • [F10]: toggle [Public] chat display
  • [F11]: displays the most recent message
  • [F12]: toggles [Guild] chat display



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