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There is a lot of stuff going on in MU Online. There are a lot of in-game features, tools, and other kinds of game systems all happening at the same time. Use this page to help you better understand the basic game mechanics of MU Online!

User Interface
  • The [Cash Item Shop] is used to purchase [Premium Items], such as Premium Buffs or EXP Boosting items!
  • The [Character] menu displays the characters current Stats and details about your character's status. When your character level increases, use this menu to increase your Stats!
  • There are 3 different types of [Inventory] storage: [Item Inventory], [Muun Inventory], and the [Gremory Case].
  • The [Skill Menu] displays all obtainable character skills and Skill Imprint information.
  • You can assign most consumable items into [Quick Slots] by dropping items in the slots.
  • The [Quests] menu displays all Quest and any Mini-game information.
  • The [Community] tab opens things like the [Friend Menu], [Gens Menu], [Guild Menu], and [Matching] feature.
  • The [System] tab opens things like the [Play Guide], [Warp Command Menu], [Option Menu], [SNS] feature, [Private Store List], and [System Menu].
  • The [Experience Bar] displays the needed [Experience Points] to increase [Character Level]. One bar visually represents 1/10 of the entire amount of EXP needed to level up. Therefore, there are ten EXP bars needed for one level. (The number next to the EXP bar shows which bar you are on.)
User Interface
  • The [Coordinates] area shows the Server number, current Map, and the exact location of the character by coordinates. You can quickly switch Servers by clicking the Server number area.
  • [MU Helper] is a tool that you can use to assist with combat. You can configure many settings such as automatically attacking monsters or using potions automatically.
  • The [Party] menu shows all Party Members and their Buffs and Debuffs, but doesn't show Premium Buffs.
  • The [Mini-game] interface shows current in-game and on-going mini-games. Click the image to open the event interface or warp to the mini-game.
Quest Information Window
  • The Quest Window displays real-time information of quests.
  • Click the Quest Window to open a quest's full details in the [My Quest] menu.
  • When a quest is completed, you can click the quest interface to claim the rewards.
[Mini-game] Notifications
[Event] Notifications
  • [Event]: displays the character's [Event Inventory].


Character Display
On-screen character information

[Personal Store]

[Character Commands]

[Character Commands] [Quick Command Menu]

Warp Command

[Warp Command]

[Gremory Case]

[Gremory Case]

[Chat Box]
[Public] chat
[Chat Box]
[Chat Box] options
[Chat Box] [Hot-keys]

[Emote] chat [Emote] [Rush]

[Friends] & [Mail]
[Friends List]
[Letter Box] [Mail] notification

[Facebook] App
[Connect To SNS]

[Option Menu]
[Option Menu] [System] options

[Play Guide]


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