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Guild & Guild Matching
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A Guild is a large group of players that join together to create a small community that can help each other out. Guilds can participate in exclusive large scale mini-games to complete against other Guilds. There are many benefits to creating or joining a Guild!

  • In order to join a [Guild], all characters must be in the same [Gens].
  • Characters over [Level 100] can create a [Guild].
[Guild Menu]
  • The [Guild Menu] shows your character's current [Guild] information.
  • Menu [Hot-key]: [G]
NPC [Royal Guard Captain Lorence
  • A character can create a [Guild] via NPC [Royal Guard Captain Lorence]
  • NPC location: [Devias] (215, 44)
  • [Character Level] required: [Level 100]


[Guild Matching]
Matching notifications
  • [Hot-key]: [N]
  • The [Guild] [Matching Menu] is used to find a [Guild] or find [Guild Members].
  • [Search Guild]: displays a list of all [Guilds] currently registered with the [Matching] feature.
  • [Find Guild Members]: allows a [Guild Master] to register a [Guild] with the [Matching] feature.
  • If you have a [Party] or [Guild] registered with [Matching], you'll receive notifications about members requesting to join.
[Guild Matching] [Guild Matching] notification

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