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Party & Party Matching
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A Party is a small group of players that join together to kill monsters more quickly, while sharing their EXP and loot. There are many benefits to creating a party, including a small EXP boost and the ability to kill monsters quicker!

Party of players
  • A [Party] can have up to five characters in it.
  • [Party Members] within a certain distance of each other will share [Experience Points].
  • [Party Members] also share item drops.
  • When a [Party Member] picks up an item, a system message appears in the chat box.
  • Any two players can join a [Party] together via [Character Command].
  • The player that sends the initial [Party Request] will become the [Party Leader].
  • To join an existing [Party], only the [Party Leader] can send or accept a [Party Request].
  • If a [Party Member] disconnects from the game, the character will remain in the [Party].
  • If the [Party Leader] disconnects from the game, the [Party] will be "inactive" until the [Party Leader] reconnects to the game.
[Party Window]
  • The [Party Window] will appear when you join a [Party].
  • The window displays real-time [HP], [MP], any [Buff] or [Debuff], and [Server] of each character.
  • The [Party Leader] can kick a [Party Member] by clicking the "X" next to their name.
  • A [Party Member] can allow the [Party Leader] to control their [MU Helper] by using the "Assign Helper" character command.
  • [Party Members] can automatically move to other [Party Members] via [Party Warp].
  • [Party Warp] via [Left Click] (or [Alt] + [Right Click]) on the character name in the [Party Window].
  • [Party Warp] costs [Zen] (x50,000) if the character is in another map.
  • The [Party Leader] has a small crown icon by their name.
  • The [Party Leader] can reassign the [Party Leader] to another character by clicking the crown next to their name.

Party UI Assign Helper
[Party EXP Share]
EXP is shared between [Party Members]. It is calculated based on several factors, and you must be nearby [Party Members] in order to share EXP.
  • [Party Members] share [EXP] according to their [Character Level], as a ratio.
  • The calculation uses the [Base EXP] earned by the [Party Member] with the highest [Character Level].
EXP Share Example:
  • A [Party] of 3 characters:
    • [Level 300] character
    • [Level 300] character
    • [Level 400] character
  • All character's [Base EXP] will be that of the [Level 400] character's [Base EXP].
  • This [Base EXP] is then distributed equally as a ratio, based on [Character Level].
  • Therefore, the ratio would be 300:300:400 ; or 3:3:4
  • Furthermore, because the [Party] consists of (x3) characters, the [Party] earns [+3%] [EXP] from [Party EXP Bonus].
  • Assuming the [Base EXP] earned was (x1,000) [EXP]:
    • [Level 400] character gains (x412) [EXP]
    • [Level 300] characters gain (x309) [EXP]
[Party EXP Bonus]
[Party EXP Bonus] is gained while a character is in an active [Party]. When more characters are in the [Party], the [EXP] bonus increases!
  • The amount [EXP] earn from [Party Bonus] is based on each character's personal [Base EXP].
  • [General] [Party Bonus] is gained when any [Character Classes] are in a party together.
  • [Character Set] [Party Bonus] is gained when a specific combination of [Character Classes] are in a party together.
  • [General] [Party Bonus]:
    • (x2) [Party Members]: [Base EXP] [+2%]
    • (x3) [Party Members]: [Base EXP] [+3%]
    • (x4) [Party Members]: [Base EXP] [+4%]
    • (x5) [Party Members]: [Base EXP] [+5%]
  • [Character Set] [Party Bonus]:
    • (x2) [Character Classes]: [+2%]
    • (x3) [Character Classes]: [+5%]
    • (x4) [Character Classes]: [+6%]
    • (x5) [Character Classes]: [+7%]


[Party Matching]
[Party Matching]
  • [Hot-key]: [N]
  • The [Party] [Matching Menu] is used to find a [Party] or find [Party Members].
  • [Search Party]: displays a list of all [Parties] currently registered with the [Matching] feature.
  • [Find Party Members]: allows a [Party Leader] to register a [Party] with the [Matching] feature.
  • If you have a [Party] or [Guild] registered with [Matching], you'll receive notifications about members requesting to join.
[Party Matching] Matching notifications


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