Dragon Invasion
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Once per day, Red Dragons will invade MU! During their invasion, you'll be able to see them flying across the sky in various maps! If you can manage to find and kill one, you might just earn yourself a Jewel of Bless!

Quick Facts
  • Recommended for characters over level 100.
  • Dragons will spawn in only one map: either Lorencia, Noria, or Devias.
  • There will be a System Notice when dragons spawn: "Lorencia Dragon Invasion!"
  • The dragons spawn at random co-ordinates, but tend to be close to the city gates.
  • There seems to be about 3 ~ 5 dragons which spawn, per instance.
  • Red Dragons have ~80% chance to drop Jewel of Bless.
Invasion time:
  • @18:05 (UTC)
Gates open in:

*the timer loses sync after awhile; refresh page for accuracy.
Monster level 47
  • Health: 15,000
  • ATK DMG: 190 ~ 210
  • ATK Rate: 400
  • DEF: 120
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Dragon Invasion

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