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[White Wizard Invasion]
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Once per day, several [White Wizards] and their corps will invade the Continent of MU! They consistently attack [Lorencia], [Noria], and [Devias], trying to kill low level travelers for loot. Slay the [White Wizard] and his corps in order to help make the area somewhat safer for low level travelers! It is also an easy way to earn [Jewel of Bless] and a [Buff Item]!

[White Wizard Invasion]
  • Recommended [Character Level]:
    • [Level 150]+
  • Takes place in [Lorencia], [Noria], and [Devias].
  • The monsters spawn in one location, in each map.
  • Monsters spawned, per map:
    1. [Destructive Ogre Soldier] (x15)
    2. [Destructive Ogre Archer] (x10)
    3. [White Wizard] (x1)
  • The monsters can drop [Wizard's Ring].

[White Wizard]
[White Wizard]
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 87]
  • Random spawn co-ordinates.
  • 3 will spawn, per instance.
  • Only 1 will spawn, per map.
  • Drops [Jewel of Bless] (x1), with 100% [Drop Rate].

[Mini-game] Starting Time
These are the times which the [Mini-game] actually starts! The [Mini-game] takes place in a specific map. To participate, you'll just need to move to the area once it starts! You can also already be waiting in the map, prior to its start.
  • @18:11 (UTC)

[Mini-game] Rules
  • There is no limit to the amount of players that can participate.
  • The group of monsters will spawn the moment the [Mini-game] starts.
  • The [Mini-game] is concluded once all the spawned monsters are killed.
  • [Party] is allowed and can be formed anywhere on the map, during the [Mini-game].
  • All rewards which can be obtained from this [Mini-game] are solely from monster drops.
  • Multiple [Wizard's Ring] can be obtained from this [Mini-game], however you can only have one [Wizard's Ring] in a character's inventory at the same time.
  • Combat adjustments:
    • There are no adjustments.
  • Other adjustments:
    • When a character kills [White Wizard] a [System Notice] is posted, notifying that the monster was killed.
    • Example [System Notice]: "[Character Name] has defeated the Lorencia White Wizard corps!"

[Wizard's Ring]
[Wizard's Ring]
This is a unique item which can only be obtained from this [Mini-game]!
  • [Durability]: [30/30]
  • Always possess these [Additional Options]:
    1. [ATK DMG] [+10%]
    2. [WIZ DMG] [+10%]
    3. [ATK Speed] [+10]
  • [Notes]:
    • You may only have one, unequipped, [Wizard's Ring] in the character's [Inventory], at the same time.
    • It cannot be traded.
    • It cannot be repaired.
    • It may be sold via [Personal Store].
    • It may be stored in [Vault].
    • There is no limit to how many can be placed in [Personal Store] or [Vault].
    • The [Durability] decreases every 60 seconds, when the item is equipped.
    • The [Durability] lasts a total of 30 minutes, while equipped.



[White Wizard Invasion] arena:
  • The [Mini-game] takes place in a normally accessed map.
  • The monsters spawn at random co-ordinates, within a specific area of the map.

[White Wizard Invasion] start:
  • The game client will make a [System Notice] when the [Mini-game] starts.
  • Example [System Notice]: "The White Wizard corps has invaded!"
  • The [Mini-game] takes place in [Lorencia], [Noria], and [Devias], at the same time.
  • Once started, 25 monsters and one [White Wizard] will spawn, per map location.
  • Go to one of the maps, search for the monsters, and kill them!

[White Wizard Invasion] tips & tricks:
  • Form a [Party] with other characters and stay slightly separated from each other, in order to search a map quicker.
  • Keep the camera angle zoomed all the way out.
  • Use [Wings], [Mounts], or [Boots] of a high [Item Level], in order to increase your movement speed.
  • The monsters spawn at random map co-ordinates.
  • It seems, the monsters usually spawn around, or near, the city's [Safe Zone].
  • Try to kill the [White Wizard] immediately, because it has the best item drop of the monsters.
  • When a character kills [White Wizard] a [System Notice] is posted, notifying that the monster was killed.
  • Example [System Notice]: "[Character Name] has defeated the Lorencia White Wizard corps!"

[White Wizard Invasion] [Event Points]:
  • [Event Points] are not applicable in this [Mini-game].

Winning [White Wizard Invasion]:
  • This [Mini-game] will not have a determined winner.
  • All rewards, in the [Mini-game], are solely earned from monster drops.

[Dragon Invasion]

Monster List
[Destructive Ogre Soldier]
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 70]
  • [Max HP]: 9,500
  • [ATK DMG]: 210 ~ 240
  • [ATK Rate]: ?
  • [DEF]: 180
  • [DEF Rate]: 125
[Destructive Ogre Archer]
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 74]
  • [Max HP]: 12,000
  • [ATK DMG]: 220 ~ 260
  • [ATK Rate]: ?
  • [DEF]: 190
  • [DEF Rate]: 130
[White Wizard]
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 87]
  • [Max HP]: 26,000
  • [ATK DMG]: 370 ~ 410
  • [ATK Rate]: ?
  • [DEF]: 400
  • [DEF Rate]: 200

Reward List
[Destructive Ogre Soldier]
  • [Zen] (x10,000)
  • [Wizard's Ring]
    • [Drop Rate]: 80%
[Destructive Ogre Archer]
  • [Zen] (x10,000)
  • [Wizard's Ring]
    • [Drop Rate]: 80%
[White Wizard]
  • [Jewel of Bless]
    • [Drop Rate]: 100%


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