[Treasures of MU]
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NPC [Sebina The Priest] is a great priestess of the [Church of Devias]. Recently, you successfully obtained the [Scroll of the Emperor] for her. She has shared her knowledge of Muren's battle against Sekneum with you, and you've gained the scroll's magical powers. Now, she has another request for you. You must go and recover one of the four [Treasures of MU], which were offered to Muren, the emperor, as a symbol of loyalty from the many people of MU. Since [Kundun's] awakening, these treasures were inevitably stolen, and his minions are holding them as ransom. [Sebina The Priest] will reward you with additional ability if a precious pieces of sacred MU history can be recovered!

NPC [Serbina The Priest]
  • Located in [Devias] (183, 32).
  • Offers [Quests] for characters of [Character Level] [Level 150] or greater.

  • Only offered to [Tier 1] [Character Class]
  • Required [Character Level]: [Level 150]
  • Required items: [Zen] (x2,000,000)
  • Required [Quest]: [Scroll of the Emperor]
  • [Difficulty]: Easy

The four [Treasures of MU] were a gift to Muren, the emperor, from each existing ancient tribe, after the great battle of Sekneum. The [Broken Sword] was gifted by the Knights. The [Tear of Elf] was gifted by the Elves. The [Wizard's Soul Shard] was gifted by the Wizards. And the [Abyssal Eye] was gifted by the Summoners. These gifts were a symbol of loyalty, in order to improve relationships, and strive for unity throughout the continent. Each tribe inscribed their own excerpt into the [Scroll of the Emperor] by vowing peace and good intensions to the empire. These sacred treasures, priceless pieces of history, are of extreme value to the [Church of Devias].

Additional Information

[Character Class] [Evolution] list

[Broken Sword]
  • Knight tribe
[Tear of Elf]
  • Elf tribe
[Wizard's Soul Shard]
  • Wizard tribe
  • In-game item name: [Wizard's Soul Shard]
[Abyssal Eye]
  • Summoner tribe



[Story] [Quest] list
[Part 1]
  • [Task]:
    • Item: [Zen] (x2,000,000)
  • Reward:
    • Unlock [Quest]: [Part 2]
Additional Info:
  • This [Quest] can NOT be repeated.
[Part 2]
Additional Info:
  • This [Quest] is unlocked after completing [Part 1] of the [Quest].
  • This [Quest] can NOT be repeated.
Monster Drop List
The [Quest Item] can be dropped by any of the following monsters:
[Quest Item]
Wizard's Soul Shard
  • [Broken Sword]
  • [Tear of Elf]
  • [Wizard's Soul Shard]
  • [Abyssal Eye]
Additional Info:
  • Item is [Bound] to the character.
  • Cannot be traded.
  • Cannot be stored in vault.
  • Cannot be picked up unless [Quest] is active.
  • Can be dropped by monsters while in any [Party].
The following list is the total sum of all rewards obtained during the [Treasures of MU] [Quest]:
  • [+10] [Stat Points]
  • [Tier 2] [Character Class] evolution:
    • [Dark Knight] -> [Blade Knight]
    • [Fairy Elf] -> [Muse Elf]
    • [Dark Wizard] -> [Soul Wizard]
    • [Summoner] -> [Bloody Summoner]
  • Unlock [Quest]: [Hero Status]

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