Combat Details
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Combat can be easy to learn in [MU Online]. Sometimes, it can get pretty technical, but these guides should be able to help you understand everything going on.

Combat Controls
  • [Normal Attack]: [Left Click]
  • [Skill Attack]: [Right Click]
  • [PVP Attack]: [CTRL]+[Click]
  • Pick up items: [SPACE BAR]
  • Toggle [Item Name Display]: [ALT]
  • Toggle [MU Helper]: [Middle Click]
    • or [S]+[Left Click]

[DMG] types
[DMG] Types
  • [Normal DMG]: Yellow
  • [Critical DMG]: Blue
  • [Excellent DMG]: Green
  • [True DMG]: Cyan
  • [PVP DMG]: Red

[Character Level] & [Experience Points]
Essentially, the whole point of combat is to increase your [Character Level], by obtaining [Experience Points], so you can become the strongest warrior there is! Along with it, comes the ability to find great loot from hunting monsters! Mostly, you'll earn [Experience Points] from hunting monsters, but there are additional methods to earn [Experience Points] as well.

[Character Level] & [Character Class] Restrictions
Each [Character Class] can go through an evolution to increase its [Character Class] [Tier]. Each [Character Class] [Tier] has restrictions on how high their [Character Level] can become. In order to continue to increase [Character Level], the [Character Class] [Tier] must be upgraded at some point.

Death Penalty
If your character dies, the following penalties occur.
  • Any [Character Level]:
    • Item [Drop Rate], if killed by monster: 6%
    • Item [Drop Rate], if killed by player: 0%
    • [Zen] loss: 4%
  • [Level 1] ~ [Level 150]:
    • [EXP] loss: 1%
  • [Level 151] ~ [Level 220]:
    • [EXP] loss: 2%
  • [Level 221]+:
    • [EXP] loss: 3%
  • Notes:
    • [Zen] is lost from both [Character Inventory] and [Vault].

Consumable [Quick Slots]
There are four [Quick Slots] that can be assigned to consumable items!
[Quick Slots]

[Player vs. Player] Combat (PVP)

Attack Styles
Each character has their own unique attack style, for the most part. Some characters use physical strength, while others depend of magical forces. Each attack style brings unique game-play to every character!
Universal Drops

Item drops from monsters

Additional Info



[Skills], [Spells], and [Buffs]
The [Skill Menu] displays all character's possible [Skills] and their respective information. There are a few different types of [Skills], each having their own unique requirements.

  • [Skill Menu] [Hot-key]: [U]
[Skill] details
  • [Range]: The tile distance the [Skill] can be performed from.
  • [AG]: character's ability gauge.

[Skill] [Hot-keys]
There are 10 [Hot-keys] that can be assigned to different [Skills].
[Skill] [Hot-keys]

Learning new [Skills]

[Skill Imprint]
[Skills] which have an [Elemental Type] also have a [Skill Imprint Bonus]. When a [Skill] is [Imprinted], the [Skill DMG] will increase according to the [Skill's] [Skill Imprint Bonus]. A [Skill] becomes [Imprinted] when a [Pentagram] item, of the same [Elemental Type] as the [Skill], is equipped.

[Imprint] details
  • [Skill Imprint] details
  • [+43] [Skill Imprint DMG]
[Skill] details
  • [105%] [Skill Imprint Bonus]
  • Additional [+45] [Skill DMG]

Additional Information

[Passive Effects], [Character Bonuses], Formulas, & Calculations
[Character Menu]
  • [Character Menu] details
  • [Hot-key]: [Shift]+[C]
[Skill] details

Base [Passive Effects]

Possible [Character Bonuses]

[Over Rate] [Character Bonus]
A character with high [DEF Rate] can [Over Rate] a monster's [ATK Rate]. When a character [Over Rates] a monster, the character gains the [Over Rate] [Character Bonus].

[Tier 4] [Character Class] [DMG] & [DEF] Adjustment
All [Tier 4] [Character Classes] may have their [DMG] and [DEF] calculations slightly adjusted, based on the [Monster Level] of the target. This makes it more difficult for a lower level, [Tier 4], character to attack a high level monster.

Formulas & Calculations

[EXP Formula] & [EXP Bonuses]
[EXP Formula]

[EXP Menu]
  • Open the EXP window by hovering over the [Experience Bar].
  • The easiest way to gain [EXP] is using items and effects which boost [EXP]!

[Seal Bonuses] (Ascension + Wealth + Healing + Talismans)
[Seals] and [Talismans] combine their [EXP] boost together to maximize [EXP] gained. If none are active, it is [+0%].

[Pet Bonus]
A couple premium [Pet] items boost [EXP]!

[Ring Bonus]
A couple premium [Transformation Ring] items boost [EXP]!

[Accessory Bonus]
An [Accessory Bonus] is gained when equipping a premium [Pet] and any [Transformation Ring] item, of which boost [EXP].

[Map Bonus]
In certain maps, a [Map Bonus] is given to all players.

[Channel EXP]
All servers give at least [100%] [Channel EXP]. However, [Gold Channel Servers] give characters an extra [EXP] bonus!

[Exp Event]
Occasionally, there is an [EXP Boost] [Event], which will give all players a [EXP Event] bonus. The value of the bonus varies from each [Event].

[Premium EXP Bonus]
[Premium EXP Bonus] gained from any premium, [EXP] boosting item. The rates are listed under each item on this guide.

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