[PVP] (Player vs. Player)
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[PVP] (Player vs. Player) combat is only possible on [PVP] [Servers], however some [Mini-games] on all [Servers] may also involve some kind of [PVP] combat. Usually, [Mini-games] have different conditions which, for example, will not penalize you for killing a player.

Additional Info

[PVP] Restrictions
  • Disabled in all [Safe Zones].
  • Disabled in [NON-PVP] [Servers], except during certain [Mini-games].
  • [NPC] item shops refuse to sell items to any character with a [PK Status].
  • @[PK Level 1]: Cannot connect to [NON-PVP] [Servers].
  • @[PK Level 2]: When connecting to the game, you will always spawn in [Lorencia].
  • @[PK Level 3]: Attacking is disabled outside of the [Vulcanus] [Map].
[PK Status]
[PK Status] will effect your character with the following disadvantages.
  • [PK Level 1]:
    • [PK Points]: (x21,600)
    • Item [Drop Rate]: 25%
    • [EXP] loss: 5%
  • [PK Level 2]:
    • [PK Points]: (x43,200)
    • Item [Drop Rate]: 50%
    • [EXP] loss: 10%
  • [PK Level 3]:
    • [PK Points]: (x86,400)
    • Item [Drop Rate]: 90%
    • [EXP] loss: 20%
  • After [PK Level 3]:
    • (x3,600) [PK Points] per kill
    • Item [Drop Rate]: 90%
    • [EXP] loss: 20%



[Vulcanus] [PVP] Combat
The [Vulcanus] [Map] is the ultimate [PVP] battlegrounds of MU. There is a [Duel Arena] here where warriors can have friendly battles against each other. [Gens Members] come here to shed blood as well, earning themselves [Contribution Points] for fame and glory!

Additional Info

[Colosseum] Duel Arena
The [Colosseum] is a duel arena which is located in the [Vulcanus] [Map]. To participate in a [Duel] a player can challenge another player via [Character Command], in any [Map]. To watch an on-going [Duel], you can enter through [NPC] [Doorkeeper Titas], in [Vulcanus]. [Duels] are "friendly" fights, so there will be no penalties for killing each other, during the [Duel].

[Doorkeeper Titus]
  • Watch any on-going [Duels] via [NPC] [Doorkeeper Titus].

[Dueling Arena]


Spectating [Duels]

Additional Info

[Gladiator's Honor] [Buff] Reward
You will earn a [Buff] for 60 minutes after winning any [Duel]!
  • [Gladiator's Honor] [Buff]:
    • [EXP] [+20%]
    • [Vulcanus] [Map] has an increased item [Drop Rate]!
  • [Duration]: 60 minutes

[Gladiators Honor]


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