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[January 15th, 2014]

Breaking news! Two realms of MU Online have been merged into one new server known as the Titan server! For more information on the complete details of the server merge, please read the following official notice provided by WEBZEN:

[January 15th - Jan. 29th, 2014]

For a limited time, the Pouch of Blessing has returned to the legendary continent of MU! This special monster has an amazing table of rewards and grants an amazing amount of Experience Points to your character, if you can find one and kill it! Don't miss out on this awesome event and chance to earn some hefty prizes!

Possible Loot:
  • 2014 Zen
  • Jewels
  • Excellent Armor
  • Excellent Weapons
  • Excellent Accessories
[January 15th - Jan. 29th, 2014]

Think you are the best monster hunter on the continent? Prove your worth by participating in the Level Up Race event! Create a new character and begin turbo leveling your new character! You must reach at least level 350 by the end of the event period to qualify for the prizes. You will receive a nice reward if you can reach level 350 and the top ten hunters will be rewarded with an additional prize. The winners will be scored based on character level AND total experience points.
  • 1st Place: Excellent Moss Weapon +9 +6 options of choice
  • 2nd Place: 3rd Wing +Luck +2 additional options of choice
  • 3rd Place: Excellent Ring +5 options of choice
  • 4th - 10th Place: An unannounced 'special package'
  • All whom qualify: Panda Ring [14days] + Seal of Healing [14days]
[February 2nd, 2014]

Become the first guild to rule Castle Siege in the new Titan server and win big rewards! Please note this event only applies to characters of the Titan realm.

  • Guild Master: Archangel Weapon +0 +4options of choice
  • Guild Members: Chaos Card Platinum + Devil and Angel Wings [30days]
[January 15th - Jan. 29th, 2014]

Enjoy the new realm known as Titan by shedding the blood of evil creatures! The Gods have cursed the monsters of Titan by decreasing their HP by 30%! You couldn't ask for more help; rush!
[January 15th - Jan. 29th, 2014]

Whether you are a new player, or you are returning from a long vacation, you can get some free stuff! See the corresponding info below to see if you qualify for free stuff!

New Warriors
Create a new account, within the event period, and you will qualify for free items! There will also be another package available for you to purchase for $1!
Free Package:
  • Seal of Healing [14days]
  • Pink Panda Ring [14days]
  • Pet Skeleton [14days]
  • Devil and Angel Wings [14days]
Returning Warriors
If you haven't logged into your account within the last 30 days (since Dec. 14th), you qualify for free stuff! There will also be another package available for you to purchase for $1!
Free Package:
  • 2nd Lucky Item Package
  • Seal of Healing [14days]
  • Pink Panda Ring [14days]
  • Pet Skeleton [14days]
  • Devil and Angel Wings [14days]
Exclusive Package
If you qualify for either package, you will also be able to purchase this additional package for a measly $1! Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity! This exclusive package is valued at over $80!
$1 Package:
  • Gold Channel Ticket [30days]
  • Seal of Ascension [30days]
  • Master Seal of Ascension [30days]
  • Panda Ring [30days]
  • Pet Panda [30days]
  • Sapphire Necklace [30days]
  • Sapphire Ring [30days]
[January 15th]

Attention: the blue and red Chaos Cards have been renewed! Look at the awesome new prizes you can receive in 2014! [2014]Chaos Card Red
  • Buff Scroll [5days] (Wrath, Protection, Strengthener, Battle, Quickness)
  • Wing of angel and devil (3days, 7days, 28days)
  • Wing +13 (Chaos, Magic, Life)
  • Cloak of Death +13
  • Rare Item Ticket (1, 2, 3)
[2014]Chaos Card Blue
  • Seal of Healing [10days]
  • Goblin Point (3k, 5k)
  • Feather of Condor
  • Wing +14 (Illusion, Storm, Eternal, Dimension, Ruin)
  • Cape +14 (Emperor, Reigning Cloak)
  • Rare Item Ticket (6, 8, 9, 10)
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