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New EXP Formula!
[March 19th, 2014]

With the release of Season 8-3, the EXP formula for cash items and promotional boosts has changed. The following was posted by WEBZEN on their website. You can find the official post here:
EXP Formula
Base Exp x (Channel + Exp Event) x (1 + Ascension + Wealthy + Healing + Pet + Ring + Bonus Exp) x (1 + Premium Exp Bonus)

Base Exp
"Base Exp" is the EXP gained while playing in free servers without any additional EXP bonuses. The actual amount you earn depends on the monster you kill.

"Channel" is the EXP rate increased while playing in free or gold Channel.
  • 100% in free servers
  • 333% for normal levels in gold servers
  • 200% for master levels in gold servers
Exp Event
"EXP Event" is the EXP rate increased due to a special event. It will depend on the current event, if any event is happening. If no event is happening, EXP Event = 0

Seals (Ascension + Wealthy + Healing)
There are three types of Seals you can use to gain more experiance points: (Master) Seal of Ascension, (Master) Seal of Wealth, and Seal of Healing. In the formula, 1 is the EXP gained before activating seals, pets, rings or premium exp bonus (100%). It represents the EXP that will be used to calculate the experience boost.
  • (Master) Seal of Wealth: +100% EXP
    • (Premium EXP Bonus: 20%)
  • (Master) Seal of Ascension: +50% EXP
    • (Premium EXP Bonus: 10%)
  • Seal of Healing: +50% EXP
    • (Premium EXP Bonus: 10%)
"Pet" is the EXP rate increased while using a pet, such as a Pet Panda or Pet Skeleton).
  • Pet Panda: +50% EXP
    • (Premium EXP Bonus: 10%)
  • Pet Skeleton: +50% EXP
    • (Premium EXP Bonus: 10%)
"Ring" is the EXP rate increased while using a transformation ring, such as a Brown or Pink Panda Ring.
  • Brown Panda Ring: +30% EXP
    • (Premium EXP Bonus: 10%)
  • Pink Panda Ring: +50% EXP
    • (Premium EXP Bonus: 10%)
  • Any Transformation Ring + Pet Panda or Skeleton: +30% EXP
Bonus EXP
"Bonus EXP" is the EXP rate increased while using a Pet Panda or Pet Skeleton with a transformation ring. 30~65% EXP rate increase depending on the combination.

Premium EXP Bonus
"Premium EXP Bonus" is the EXP rate increased while using any P2P item that increases EXP. This rate varies per premium item.
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