• Quest NPC
  • Location:
Discontinued NPC.

In previous versions, this NPC was used to craft refining stones for the Jewel of Harmony system. The Jewel of Harmony system still exists, but now it is handled via NPC Jerridon.
Refine Normal Item
  • 20% success rate

  • Required ingredients:
    • Almost any Armor or Weapon item
Refine Excellent Item
  • 50% success rate

  • Required ingredients:
    • Almost any Excellent Armor or Weapon item
Item Restrictions
Notes & Tips
  • Mostly any Armor or Weapon item can be refined, except for the items listed in the Restrictions section.
  • Refine Normal Item may craft Low Refining Stone.
  • Refine Normal Item always has 20% Success Rate.
  • Refine Excellent Item may craft High Refining Stone.
  • Refine Excellent Item always has 50% Success Rate.
  • Ancient Items cannot be refined.
  • Mass Combination is possible.
  • Mass combination allows items to be crafted in multiple quantities by adding additional quantities of crafting ingredients.

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