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    • New Map Ferea
      Ancient civilization of Ferea has risen from the
      depths of dimensions. Defeat the Knights of Ferea
      and challenge the ultimate boss, Lord of Ferea! Find out more
    • Darkangel Mastery Set
      Specially altered by the power of Dark God
      Sekneum to stand against the Knights of Ferea.
      Upgrade your Bloodangel Set for more power! Find out more
    • Bloodangel Weapon
      You can now purchase Excellent Bloodangel
      Weapons from Ruud Shop! Selection available
      for each and every class Find out more

    • Upgraded Divine
      Archangel Weapon
      Upgrade your Divine Archangel Weapon to become
      better, stronger, and faster. Exclusive skill "Archangel's
      Will" buff will be applied to all party members. Find out more
    • Character Information
      Window Improvements
      Checking your character's power and potential has
      never been easier. With improved Character
      Information Window, you can now check additional
      effects and options from equipment or master skill tree! Find out more
    • New Skills
      New Skills for First Class and Second Class characters have been added. Purchase the new Scrolls and Orbs from Ruud Shop NPC James! Find out more
      Elemental System
      Rank up combination system has been simplified,
      and success rate has been bumped to 100%!
      Tired of looking for specific elements? Change your
      item's element with new Elemental Change
      Combination System. Find out more

    • Mission :
      Submit a YouTube video of
      your team defeating
      Lord of Ferea Find out more
    • Mission :
      Upgrade your
      NEW Divine Weapon to
      +15 Find out more
    • Mission :
      Share this Event page
      on Facebook Find out more

    Promotion Period: 2016/03/08 ~ 2016/03/29 (UTC)

    • Promotion 1.

      For Returning Players
      Returning players must meet all conditions below to be eligible
      1. Record of access from 2015/01/01 ~ 2016/01/31 (UTC)
      2. Has at least one character over level 80
      3. No record of access from 2016/02/01 ~ 2016/03/08 before maintenance (UTC)
      4. Return and play MU Online during the promotion period.
      Event Prize
      The returning players can get a free package including below items
      Gold Channel Ticket (14 days) + Normal/Master Scroll Set (14 days)
      + Pink Panda Ring (14 days) + Wings of Angel and Devil (14 days)
      + Talisman of Ascension (14 days)
    • Promotion 2.

      For New Players
      New players must register, log-in and play
      MU Online during the promotion period to be eligible.
      Event Prize
      Gold Channel Ticket (14 days) + Normal Scroll Set (14 days)
      + Figurine of Antelope (14 days) + Pet Demon (14 days)
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