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[Event] Arcadia Speed Server
  • [Now ~ April 14 (UTC)]
    • [Event] [Invitation to Arcadia]
    • [Event] [Arcadia Expedition]
    • [Event] [Speed Arcadia]
    • [Event] [Speed Arcadia Challenges]
    • [Sale] Exclusive Speed Server Sales!
    • [Sale] Glory Package!
    • [Sale] Golden Scroll Package!
Game Updates
[Event] Bloom Your Spring
  • [Now ~ April 14 (UTC)]
    • Hunt monsters [Level 48] or greater to collect [Cherry Blossom Play-box]
    • Open [Cherry Blossom Play-box] and earn awesome rewards!
    • Collect [Red Cherry Blossom Branch] and earn even greater rewards!
    • [Event] [Muun of April]
[Event] Golden Colossus
  • [Now ~ April 7 (UTC)]
    • Hunt [Golden Goblin], summon [Golden Monsters], and earn awesome rewards!

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Season 14 - Part 2 Update

  • February 18, 2020
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