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1. New Socket Items for Rage Fighter and Grow Lancer

-New 380/400 socket items are now available.

-Discover new socket items for RF and GL.

2. Socket System Expansion

1) Seed Sphere Renewal

Seed Spheres in Higher Levels

- Seed Spheres can now be upgraded up to level 10.
- Seed Spheres now have option renewal and option expansion.
- A new Seed Sphere(Earth) is on its way.
- Create a Seed Sphere with Strength, Agility, and Energy stat options.

2) Socket Combination UI Renewal

Seed Master NPC

- Socket system combination
- Socket Item upgrade
- Seed extraction
- Seed Sphere activity (combination, equip, extract, reinforce)

3. New and Upgraded Pentagrams

-New normal and rare pentagrams with special values are now available.

-Existing pentagrams and the pentagram for beginners are renewed.

4. Hunting Log

-New feature enables you to track your Hunting Log.

-MU Helper now records your Hunting Log.

5. New Mini-game: Find the Bomb

-Enjoy a new mini-game while auto-hunting.

-Use the card pieces to play the game as shown below.


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