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Ferea was once a beautiful kingdom, on the southern part of the Cirtrie Island, between the desert of Tarkan and the wilderness of Kanturu. However, The Great Tarkan Earthquake opened a gate from the Crevice of Dimensions and an evil presence cursed the entire kingdom with evil elemental powers. The guardians of the kingdom became cursed, and began aggressively attacking members of the Knights of Lorencia, and to anyone else that dared to enter the area. Even the great Lord Ferea, the great leader of the kingdom, became cursed by this elemental power. Before the Great Tarkan Earthquake devastated the area, their lifestyle shared many technologies of the Kantur People, but mostly considered art and architecture important areas of their civilization. The city was beautiful, full of advanced structures, and many artworks at various places on the road.

Entry Requirements
  • Requires Character Level Level 400 to enter or warp.
Other Info
  • This map can be entered from, and has entrances to:
  • If a character disconnects or changes servers, the character will move to the map's Safe Zone.
Valuable Loot
Monster Drops:
  • Excellent Darkangel items
Boss Monster Drops:
  • Pentagrams
  • Errtel +2 ~ +4
  • Ancient Bloodangel items
  • Bloodangel Soul
Ferea map
# Hot Spots

# Monster List
Ferea Knight
Ferea Knight
  • Level 118
  • HP: 105,000
  • ATK DMG: 1,400 ~ 1,450
  • DEF: 1,225
  • DEF Rate: 575
  • ELE ATK DMG: 950 ~ 1,050
  • ELE DEF: 1,500
Ferea Archer
Ferea Archer
  • Level 119
  • HP: 98,000
  • ATK DMG: 1,500 ~ 1,600
  • DEF: 1,180
  • DEF Rate: 570
  • ELE ATK DMG: 990 ~ 1,130
  • ELE DEF: 1,500
Ferea Fighter
Ferea Fighter
  • Level 120
  • HP: 120,000
  • ATK DMG: 1,250 ~ 1,300
  • DEF: 1,355
  • DEF Rate: 610
  • ELE ATK DMG: 910 ~ 1,090
  • ELE DEF: 1,500
# Boss Monster List
Lord Ferea
Lord Ferea
  • Level 194
  • HP: 10,000,000
  • ATK DMG: 8,250 ~ 8,750
  • DEF: 2,000
  • DEF Rate: 1,280
  • ELE ATK DMG: 3,000 ~ 3,500
  • ELE DEF: 1,100
Ferea General
Ferea General
  • Level 130
  • HP: 3,000,000
  • ATK DMG: ?
  • DEF: ?
  • DEF Rate: ?
  • ELE ATK DMG: ?
  • ELE DEF: ?
Boss Zone Details
  • Boss Zone located around (112, 60).
  • Destroy the Crystal Orb to summon Lord Ferea.
  • The boss zone will be blocked off if the Crystal Orb is destroyed.
  • If there are no characters near Lord Ferea for 60 seconds, the entrances reopen, the Crystal Orb reappears, and Lord Ferea disappears.
  • Respawns after 12 ~ 24 hours, randomly.
Special Skills
  • Mine Explosion: causes AOE damage of up to five damage counters. A circle appears on the ground before it is casted. 3 second casting time.
  • Brandish: targets one character, but also causes AOE damage to surronding tiles.
  • Roar: used when Lord Ferea's stamina is low, it causes players' AG and Mana to drop to zero.
  • Lord's Summon: Used right after the Roar skill. Summons the Ferea General monster and teleports to the throne in the boss zone. Lord Ferea recovers HP and is invincible as long as the Ferea General monster is alive. The recovery rate multiplies based on the number of characters that were hit by the Roar skill.

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