Stat Fruits

Stat fruit allows you to add up to 127 additional stat points, and remove stat points for redistribution. They can be crafted through the Chaos Goblin Machine by combining a Jewel of Creation with a Jewel of Chaos!

Quick Facts
Obtaining stat fruits...

Stat fruits are craftable via Chaos Goblin Machine!

90% Success Rate

  1. Jewel of Creation x1
  2. Jewel of Chaos x1
  3. Zen x3,000,000

Possible crafted fruits:


Stat fruit success rates...

The success rate of stat fruit starts at 100%, but it slowly decreases down to 40% as you add/remove points. You can check the success rate and the amount of points you've added/removed so far. As your character level increases, the max amount of stat points you can add increases (up to level 400).

Notes & Tips
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