Stat Fruits
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Stat Fruits can be used to gain extra character stat points! They are crafted at the Chaos Goblin Machine by simply combining a Jewel of Creation with a Jewel of Chaos! Most characters can gain up to 127 additional stat points from stat fruits!

What are Stat Fruits?
Stat fruits allow you to create additional stat points or remove existing stat points for them to be reassigned. Adding and removing stat points has a rate of success which is shown at the top of the character menu.
  • You must unequip all items to use Stat Fruits.
  • Click "create" to add stat points.
  • Click "Decrease" to remove stat points.
  • Stat points cannot be decreased lower than the base starting stats.
  • Adding or removing stats may fail after adding a few stat points via fruits.
  • As you add more fruit stat points, the success rate decreases.
  • The success rate is shown at the top of the character menu.
  • When adding points, up to 3 stat points are randomly given on success.
  • When adding points, up to 9 stat points are randomly removed on success.
Stat Fruit Stat Fruit
How do I obtain Stat Fruits?
You can obtain stat fruits via craftings at Chaos Goblin Machine!
  • 50% Success Rate
  • Jewel of Creation
  • Jewel of Chaos
Possible crafted fruits:

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