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A [Monster Soul Converter] is a new technology which can convert monster souls into awesome rewards! [Monster Soul Converter] can be purchased from NPC [Priest James] for [Ruud].

NPC [Preiest James]
  • Located in [Elveland] @(32, 239).
  • Located in [Event Square] @(215, 55).
  • Sells [Monster Soul Converter] items for [Ruud] (x400) ~ (x800)
[Monster Soul Converter] UI

Additional Information
  • When a [Monster Soul Converter] is purchased, it offers a [Quest] which must be completed within a certain amount of time.
  • The [Quest] consists of two different tasks, each of which require collecting [Monster Souls] (x500).
  • The [Quest] always expires at the end of every [Monday] @23:30 (UTC).
  • If you do not complete the [Quest] by its expiration time, the [Quest] is automatically forfeited and the item becomes [Discontinued].
  • If you complete the [Quest] prior to its expiration time, the item will not become [Discontinued].
  • Only one [Monster Soul Converter] can be possessed at the same time.
  • Any [Monster Soul Converter] can only be purchased three times per week.
  • Each week, the [Quest] of [Monster Soul Converter] changes.
  • There are five difficulty levels of [Monster Soul Converter], each of which have unique and more difficult [Quest] tasks.
  • When the [Quest] is completed, [Right-click] the item to choose a reward!
  • Each reward option include one fixed reward and one random reward.
  • Occasionally, special promotional events may give an additional fixed reward!

Collecting [Monster Souls]
  • [Monster Souls] are automatically absorbed when a monster is killed.
  • [Monster Souls] have a [45% Drop Rate].
  • [Monster Souls] can be acquired while in a party.
  • [Monster Souls] acquisition can be shared between [Party Members], if they share the same [Quest] task.

Absorbing a [Monster Soul]



[Quest] List
These are the possible [Quest] tasks offered by each [Monster Soul Converter].

[Lv. 1] [Monster Soul Converter]
[Kalima 6]
[Kalima 7]

[Lv. 2] [Monster Soul Converter]

[Lv. 3] [Monster Soul Converter]
[Nixies Lake]
[Deep Dungeon 2]

[Lv. 4] [Monster Soul Converter]

[Lv. 5] [Monster Soul Converter]

Rewards List
When both [Quest] tasks are completed, [Right Click] the item to claim a reward! You can choose a reward type from a list of options.
[Monster Soul Converter] Reward List
[Ruud] Reward
  • Fixed reward:
    • [Ruud] (x400)
  • Random reward:
    • [Ruud] (x200) ~ (x4,000)
    • [Bound] [Bless of Light (Low Grade)] (x?)
[Jewel] Reward
  • Fixed reward:
    • [Jewel of Bless] (x?)
  • Random reward:
    • [Jewel of Chaos] (x?)
    • [Jewel of Soul] (x?)
    • [Jewel of Bless] (x?)
    • [Jewel of Life] (x?)
    • [Jewel of Creation] (x?)
    • [Jewel of Harmony] (x?)
    • [Bound] [Bless of Light (Low Grade)] (x?)
[Option] Reward
  • Fixed reward:
    • [Elemental Rune] (x?)
  • Random reward:
    • [Elemental Rune] (x?)
    • Any [Pentagram]
    • Any [Errtel] [Rank 1] [+7}
    • [Bound] [Bless of Light (Low Grade)] (x?)
[Accessory] Reward
  • Fixed reward:
    • Any [Excellent Ring]
  • Random reward:
    • [Earring of Wrath (L)]
    • [Earring of Wrath (R)]
    • Any [Excellent] [Ring]
    • Any [Excellent] [Necklace]
    • [Lapidary Stone] (x?)
    • [Cherry Blossom] items (x?)
    • [Bound] [Bless of Light (type?)] (x?)

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