Illusion Temple
Illusion Temple is a multi-player competition where two groups of 5 players compete against each other in a 'Capture the Flag' style showdown!

Game lore...
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Olga, the Shadow Phantom Soldier, says:


Entry times... #
22:55 ~ 23:00 (UTC)
Entry opens in:

*the timer loses sync after awhile; refresh page for accuracy.

How to participate... #
Scroll of Blood crafting

You can enter Illusion Temple by speaking with Mirage, located in Elveland or Event Square. However, you'll need to craft a 'Scroll of Blood' through the Chaos Goblin Machine ahead of time.

Illusion Temple 1
Level 180 ~ 399
Scroll of Blood +1
Illusion Temple 2
Level 400 ~ 599
Scroll of Blood +2
Illusion Temple 3
Level 600 ~ 799
Scroll of Blood +3
Illusion Temple 4
Level 800 ~ 999
Scroll of Blood +4
Illusion Temple 5
Level 1000+
Scroll of Blood +5

*crafting the 'Scroll of Blood' requires one Jewel of Chaos, an Illusion Sorcerer Covenant, and an Old Scroll, which cannot actually be obtained at the moment.

Entry period... #

When you enter Illusion Temple, you'll spawn in a waiting area with all players. You will be able to chat with other players until the mini-game starts. When the entry period ends, your team will be moved to their safe zone and there will be a 60 second waiting period before the mini-game begins. When the mini-game begins, you will see a large text that says "Start" and the gate at your team's safe zone will open.

Illusion Temple
An image of the Illusion Temple waiting area.
  • You must be in a party of 5 players to join.
  • 2 parties of 5 players can join in a single instance.
  • If 2 parties do not join, the mini-game won't start.
  • You cannot enter if you have PK Status.
  • There's no penalty upon character death.
  • Town Portal Scroll will warp you to Event Square.
  • If you die, you will be moved to your team's safe zone.
  • You cannot trade other players.

Mini-game start... #

The goal of the mini-game is to obtain the 'Cursed Hollow' (which is located in the center of the map) and seal it to any of the stone statues located throughout the map. When the mini-game begins, you'll want to rush to the center of the map to try to obtain the Cursed Hallow. At the center of the map you'll find a Cursed Stone Statue which must be destroyed to obtain the Cursed Hallow. When the statue is destroyed, the Cursed Hallow will fall to the ground. Remember that the other team will also be rushing to the center of the map, so prepare for a battle against the other team!

Illusion Temple
An image of the Illusion Temple map.

Obtaining the Cursed Hollow... #

When you pick up the Cursed Hollow, it'll visually appear above your character and you will be debuffed greatly with reduced movement speed. You'll want to try to rush to any of the stone statues located throughout the map in order to seal the Cursed Hollow to one of the statues. It is a good idea to have teammates close by to protect you from the other team!

An image of a player destroying the Cursed Stone Statue.

Sealing & unsealing statues... #

You'll earn a game point from sealing a Cursed Hollow to any of the ten Stone Statue that appears around the map. However, keep in mind the other team can unseal any of the captured stone statues in order to steal the Cursed Hollow that had been sealed to it. If the other team unseals a statue, your team will lose one point and the other team will be able to pick up the Cursed Hallow that was sealed to it. They can additionally steal the game point if they can manage to seal it to another stone statue. The stone statues are disabled for the round if they are unsealed, so they would have to seal it to some other statue nearby.

Illusion Temple
An image of a player unsealing a captured statue.

Kill points & special skills... #

You can use special skills during the mini-game in exchange for 'kill points,' which are earned from killing other players or from killing the monsters that randomly appear. To use these skills you must hold [Shift] + [Right Click]. You can also use hot-keys [A], [S], [D], [F] to toggle between the skills during the mini-game.

Illusion Temple Skills
An example image of the special skills available in Illusion Temple.
Magic Shield Order
  • Costs 5 Kill Points
  • Function: Prevents 100% of DMG for 15 sec.
Resistance Order
  • Costs 5 Kill Points
  • Function: Immobilize the enemy for 15 sec.
Freeze Time
  • Costs 5 Kill Points
  • Function: Damages 50% of target's SD
Tracking Order
  • Costs 10 Kill Points
  • Function: Teleports the player to the ball

Winning Illusion Temple... #

If a team reaches 7 game points, the mini-game will end and that team will be declared the winner. Otherwise, the team with the most game points, when the timer reaches zero, will be declared the winner. There will be a results window which shows each player on each team and the event points they earned.

An image of the Illusion Temple results.
Completion Reward... #

The players on the winning team will earn exclusive rewards!

Reward Jar x1

*Reward Jar contains one random jewel.

Event Contribution Reward... #

Players over level 400 can earn a reward based on their individual event contribution during the mini-game. In Illusion Temple, event contribution is based on if your team won the mini-game, and is increased from killing players, destroying the cursed statue, and from capturing/unsealing stone statues. If a Fairy Elf character has more than 1500 ENE stat points, their event contribution reward is based on the average of party members' contribution.

Illusion Temple 1...

You cannot earn event contribution in IT1.

Illusion Temple 2...

One of the following:

Illusion Temple 3 ~ 5...

One of the following:

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