Illusion Temple
Illusion Temple is a fun "Capture The Flag," player-vs-player, battle arena where players can compete against each other! Two teams of 5 players will have to fight to obtain an Illusion Temple Ball, and return it to their base, in order to earn Event Points! The winner will earn some rewards and EXP!

Quick Facts
  • Requires character level 180.
  • You must craft a Scroll of Blood to enter.
  • Scroll of Blood is crafted via Chaos Goblin Machine.
  • The crafting ingredients can be purchased via Lumen the Barmaid.
  • You'll also need one Jewel of Chaos for the crafting.
Scroll of Blood crafting
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Entry requirements:
Difficulty 1
  • Level 180 ~ 399
  • Scroll of Blood +1
Difficulty 2
  • Level 400 ~ 599
  • Scroll of Blood +2
Difficulty 3
  • Level 600 ~ 799
  • Scroll of Blood +3
Difficulty 4
  • Level 800 ~ 999
  • Scroll of Blood +4
Difficulty 5
  • Level 1000+
  • Scroll of Blood +5
Entry item:

Scroll of Blood
Scroll of Blood
  • Illusion Temple entry item.
  • Right-click to use it.
  • Crafted via Chaos Goblin Machine.

Start times:
You must enter the event prior to its start time; you can enter 6 minutes prior to the time listed below:
  • @23:00 (UTC)
Entry opens in:

*the timer loses sync after awhile; refresh page for accuracy.

Game lore...
Mini-game Rules
Game-play #

Skills For Sale

Illusion Temple map
  • Illusion Temple map
Illusion Temple Pedistal
  • Illusion Temple Pedistal
  • The Illusion Temple Ball spawns on the pedistal.
Event Contribution
Illusion Temple Illusion Temple
Reward List #
The mini-game ends once the timer reaches zero or a team scores the winning point! Any player that is still in the mini-game will earn rewards!
Illusion Temple 1
  1. EXP
  2. Jewel of Chaos
Illusion Temple 2 & 3
  1. EXP
  2. Jewel of Chaos
  3. Event contribution reward:
Illusion Temple 4 & 5
  1. EXP
  2. Jewel of Chaos
  3. Event contribution reward:
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