[Illusion Temple]
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[Illusion Temple] is a fun "Capture The Flag," player-vs-player, battle arena where players can compete against each other! Two teams of 5 players will have to fight to obtain an [Illusion Temple Ball], and return it to their base, in order to earn [Event Points]! The winner will earn some rewards and [EXP]!

[Scroll of Blood]
[Scroll of Blood]
  • [Minigame Ticket] item
  • Crafted via NPC [Chaos Goblin Machine].
  • The crafting ingredients cannot be obtained, currently.
  • [Illusion Temple Ticket] can be purchased via [Cash Item Shop], also.
NPC [Mirage]
  • Talk to NPC [Mirage] to enter [Illusion Temple].
  • Located in [Event Square] (189, 21)
  • Required [Character Level]: [Level 180]

[Mini-game] [Difficulty Level]
The [Mini-game] is divided into different [Difficulty Levels] to group players fairly, according to their [Character Level].

[Mini-game] Starting Time
These are the times which the [Mini-game] actually starts! You must enter the [Mini-game] during its [Entry Period], which is up to 6 minutes prior to the listed start time. The [Entry Period] closes one minute before the [Mini-game] starts.
[Mini-game] Rules




Skills For Sale

[Illusion Temple] map
  • [Illusion Temple] map
[Illusion Temple Pedistal]
  • [Illusion Temple Pedistal]
  • The [Illusion Temple Ball] spawns on the pedistal.

[Event Contribution]

Reward List
Illusion Temple 1 & 2
  1. [Experience Points], based on total [Event Points] earned.
  2. [Jewel of Chaos] (x1)

Illusion Temple 3 ~ 5
  1. [Experience Points], based on total [Event Points] earned.
  2. [Jewel of Chaos] (x1)
  3. [Mastery Box], based on [Event Contribution]:
  • (*based on event contribution)


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