Chaos Castle
Chaos Castle is the arena of the Gods. There is no better place to test your strength. Here, players can battle to the death, against other players and evil underwold warriors, for prestige and prizes! There is no penatly upon death, nor for killing another player, in this Mini-game.

Quick Facts
  • Requires character level 50.
  • There is a Zen fee to enter Chaos Castle.
  • All participant's Zen fee is put into a pool and the winner of the minigame will win 80% of the total amount.
  • When you enter your character will have the Guardsman skin applied.
  • The monsters that spawn also have a Guardsman skin so its hard to see the differences between players and monsters.
Chaos Castle Map
Entry requirements:
Difficulty 1
  • Level 50 ~ 399
  • Zen x25,000
Difficulty 2
  • Level 400 ~ 599
  • Zen x80,000
Difficulty 3
  • Level 600 ~ 699
  • Zen x150,000
Difficulty 4
  • Level 700 ~ 799
  • Zen x250,000
Difficulty 5
  • Level 800 ~ 899
  • Zen x400,000
Difficulty 6
  • Level 900 ~ 999
  • Zen x650,000
Difficulty 7
  • Level 1000+
  • Zen x1,000,000
Entry item:

Armor of Guardsman
Armor of Guardsman
  • Chaos Castle entry item.
  • Right-click to use it.
  • Sold via NPC for Zen x5,000. (+tax)

Start times:
  • @1:00 (UTC)
  • @3:00 (UTC)
  • @5:00 (UTC)
  • @7:00 (UTC)
  • @9:00 (UTC)
  • @11:00 (UTC)
  • @13:00 (UTC)
  • @15:00 (UTC)
  • @17:00 (UTC)
  • @19:00 (UTC)
  • @21:00 (UTC)
  • @23:00 (UTC)
Gates open in:

*the timer loses sync after awhile; refresh page for accuracy.

Game lore...
Olga, the Shadow Phantom Soldier, says:

"Chaos Castle is a battle field created by Lugard, the god of the heavenly world, and Secrarium, the god of the underworld, for the balance of good and evil in this world. However, travelers started going to Chaos Castle and fighting on the side of Lugard, tipping the balance in disfavor of Secrarium. To restore balance to the battle event, Sacrarium made Lugard an offer and suggested the implementation of a new rule. This rule was for everyone participating in the event to wear guardsman's armor. Lugard, believing the offer to be fair, accepted it."

"Unfortunately, Secrarium was betting that darkness in the hearts of the travelers would ultimately lead to hostility and discord among them. Lugard was also aware of the travelers' dark side, but his trust in them didn't waver. Eventually, as the dark god predicted, the travelers began to feud with one another, and Chaos Castle became increasingly... chaotic."

"It's very easy to enter Chaos Castle. To enter, simply right-click your armor at the appropriate times (12 AM, 14 PM, 16 PM, 18 PM, 20 PM, and 22 PM). Players in designated locations, such as a PC cafe, will have more opportunities to enter. You will stand by for about a minute before actually entering. The event starts once this standby time passes. Once it does start, travelers and corrupt guardsmen will fight each other to the death in a no-holds-barred melee. It doesn't matter with the travelers, but you have to be careful when you kill a corrupt guardsman. Corrupt guardsmen will explode and may even push you off of the arena. If this happens, you will be disqualified. If you want to find out when you can enter, simply move your mouse over the Armor of Guardsman. If you want to enter, simply right-click on the armor at a designated time."

Mini-game Rules
Game-play #
Chaos Castle arena:

Chaos Castle start:

Chaos Castle tips & tricks:

Skill knock-back

Chaos Castle Event Points:

Winning Chaos Castle:

Event Contribution:

Chaos Castle reward

Monster List #
Chaos Castle 1
Monster level 54
  • Health: 4,000
  • ATK DMG: 150 ~ 165
  • ATK Rate: 270
  • DEF: 105
  • DEF Rate: 80
*Data generated 06/05/2023 ©
Monster level 54
  • Health: 4,000
  • ATK DMG: 150 ~ 165
  • ATK Rate: 270
  • DEF: 105
  • DEF Rate: 80
*Data generated 06/05/2023 ©
Monster level 60
  • Health: 5,000
  • ATK DMG: 170 ~ 180
  • ATK Rate: 290
  • DEF: 120
  • DEF Rate: 90
*Data generated 06/05/2023 ©

Chaos Castle 2
  • Chaos Castle Archer (Lv 65)
  • Chaos Castle Wizard (Lv 65)
  • Chaos Castle Guardsman (Lv 68)
Chaos Castle 3
  • Chaos Castle Archer (Lv 70)
  • Chaos Castle Wizard (Lv 70)
  • Chaos Castle Guardsman (Lv 75)
Chaos Castle 4
  • Chaos Castle Archer (Lv 76)
  • Chaos Castle Wizard (Lv 76)
  • Chaos Castle Guardsman (Lv 80)
Chaos Castle 5
  • Chaos Castle Archer (Lv 111)
  • Chaos Castle Wizard (Lv 111)
  • Chaos Castle Guardsman (Lv 114)
Chaos Castle 6
  • Chaos Castle Archer (Lv 116)
  • Chaos Castle Wizard (Lv 116)
  • Chaos Castle Guardsman (Lv 120)
Chaos Castle 7
  • Chaos Castle Archer (Lv ?)
  • Chaos Castle Wizard (Lv ?)
  • Chaos Castle Guardsman (Lv ?)
Reward List #
Jewel Drop Chance
When killing monsters in Chaos Castle, there is a pretty high chance the monster will drop either a Jewel of Soul or a Jewel of Bless! Below shows the max amount of jewels that will drop for your character during the minigame. However, you should keep in mind that you can steal other character's jewel drops by killing them before they can pick it up! Once the item ownership ends, it'll be yours to grab!
Chaos Castle 1
Chaos Castle 2 ~ 4
Chaos Castle 5 ~ 7
Last Character Standing
The mini-game will only end if all participants die, or if someone manages to survive all other monsters and players! The last character standing will win rewards as follows!
Chaos Castle 1
  1. 80% of all Zen entry fees.
  2. One random item:
Chaos Castle 2 ~ 4
  1. 80% of all Zen entry fees.
  2. One random item:
  3. Event contribution reward:
Chaos Castle 5 ~ 7
  1. 80% of all Zen entry fees.
  2. One random item:
  3. Event contribution reward:
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