[Chaos Castle]
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[Chaos Castle] is the arena of the Gods. There is no better place to test your strength. Here, players can battle to the death, against other players and evil underwold warriors, for prestige and prizes! There is no penatly upon death, nor for killing another player, in this [Mini-game].

[Armor of Guardsman]
[Armor of Guardsman]

[Chaos Castle] Map
  • Required [Character Level]: [Level 50]
  • There is a [Zen] fee to enter [Chaos Castle].
  • The [Zen] charged to enter [Chaos Castle] is partially awarded to the winner of the [Mini-game].
  • The monster and all other players look mostly alike, appearing with a [Guardsmen] character skin.

[Chaos Castle] is a battle field which was created by [Lugard], the God of the Heaven World, and [Secrarium], the God of the Underworld. Its purpose was for the balance of good and evil in the world. Over time, the participants began favoring with [Lugard], and the balance of power in favor of himself. To restore this balance to the battle, [Secrarium] offered [Lugard] the suggestion of a requiring participants to wear [Armor of Guardsman] during the battle. [Lugard] accepted the offer, aggreeing it was fair.

[Mini-game] [Difficulty Level]
The [Mini-game] is divided into different [Difficulty Levels] to group players fairly, according to their [Character Level]. Each [Difficulty Level] also requires a different amount of [Zen] as a fee.

[Mini-game] Starting Time
These are the times which the [Mini-game] actually starts! You must enter the [Mini-game] during its [Entry Period], which is up to 6 minutes prior to the listed start time. The [Entry Period] closes one minute before the [Mini-game] starts.

[Mini-game] Rules



[Chaos Castle] arena:

[Chaos Castle] start:

[Chaos Castle] tips & tricks:

Skill knock-back

[Chaos Castle] [Event Points]:

Winning [Chaos Castle]:

Chaos Castle reward

[Event Contribution]
By earning additional [Event Contribution], a character can increase the [Mastery Box] reward amount. [Mastery Box] is only rewarded from [Difficulty Level 4] and higher.

Monster List
Chaos Castle 1
  • Chaos Castle Archer (Lv 54)
  • Chaos Castle Wizard (Lv 54)
  • Chaos Castle Guardsman (Lv 60)
Chaos Castle 2
  • Chaos Castle Archer (Lv 65)
  • Chaos Castle Wizard (Lv 65)
  • Chaos Castle Guardsman (Lv 68)
Chaos Castle 3
  • Chaos Castle Archer (Lv 70)
  • Chaos Castle Wizard (Lv 70)
  • Chaos Castle Guardsman (Lv 75)
Chaos Castle 4
  • Chaos Castle Archer (Lv 76)
  • Chaos Castle Wizard (Lv 76)
  • Chaos Castle Guardsman (Lv 80)
Chaos Castle 5
  • Chaos Castle Archer (Lv 111)
  • Chaos Castle Wizard (Lv 111)
  • Chaos Castle Guardsman (Lv 114)
Chaos Castle 6
  • Chaos Castle Archer (Lv 116)
  • Chaos Castle Wizard (Lv 116)
  • Chaos Castle Guardsman (Lv 120)
Chaos Castle 7
  • Chaos Castle Archer (Lv ?)
  • Chaos Castle Wizard (Lv ?)
  • Chaos Castle Guardsman (Lv ?)

Monster Drop List
Every character, during the [Mini-game] can randomly obtain [Jewels] by killing monsters. Each character is limited to a specific amount of drops per instance. However, a character can steal another character's item drop by either killing the other character, or simply picking it up before the other character can.


Reward List
Chaos Castle 1
  1. 80% of all participant's [Entry Fee].
  2. One random reward:

Chaos Castle 2 & 3
  1. 80% of all participant's [Entry Fee].
  2. One random reward:

Chaos Castle 4
  1. 80% of all participant's [Entry Fee].
  2. One random reward:
  3. [Mastery Box], based on [Event Contribution]:
Chaos Castle 5 ~ 7
  1. 80% of all participant's [Entry Fee].
  2. One random reward:
  3. [Mastery Box], based on [Event Contribution]:


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