Lucky Ticket Sets

'Lucky Ticket Sets' are premium equipment items available for purchase at the Cash Item Shop. These tickets enable players to acquire a type of premium ancient armor tailored to their character class with randomly generated item levels and additional options. While these items are considered permanent, their durability decreases gradually with use. Should the item's durability reach zero, it becomes unusable and must be repaired with a Jewel of Extension. Despite their inability to be upgraded, 'Lucky Ticket Sets' are a powerful option for beginner players.

Quick Facts
Obtaining lucky ticket items...

You must purchase a 'Lucky Ticket' from the Cash Item Shop.

  1. First, you must purchase a 'Lucky Ticket' from the Cash Item Shop.
  2. You can then exchange the 'Lucky Ticket,' via right-click, to obtain the 'lucky ticket set' item that fits your character class.
Lucky Ticket
Lucky Armor Ticket
Cannot be traded, nor stored in vault.
  • Right-click the ticket to exchange it for a 'lucky ticket item.'
  • '1st Lucky Ticket' item sets have no requirements.
  • '2nd Lucky Ticket' item sets require level 150.
Jewel of Extension
Jewel of Extension
Cannot be traded, nor stored in vault.
  • Restores 100% of item durability.
  • Can be obtained by refining 'lucky ticket item.'
  • Can be purchased via the Cash Item Shop.

Refining lucky ticket items...

You can refine any 'lucky ticket item' for a chance to obtain a Jewel of Extension.

'1st Lucky Ticket' Set List

Some ancient sets can be used by multiple classes. However, some characters may not be able to equip all the items within the entire 'set name.' For example, the Rage Fighter cannot use Gloves, and the Magic Gladiator cannot use Helms. Therefore, those characters would not be able to equip an entire 'set name' if it were to include those items.

Select an Ancient 1st Lucky Ticket Item set above to preview the details of the set.

'2nd Lucky Ticket' Set List

These sets can be equipped by characters at level 150.

Select an Ancient 2nd Lucky Ticket Item set above to preview the details of the set.

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