Find the Bomb
Occasionally, monsters will drop an item called 'Card Piece.' You can collect and combine 24 of card pieces to create a 'Card Deck!' With that card deck you'll be able to play a game called 'Find the Bomb,' which is a spin-off of the classic game of Minesweeper. When you pick up a card piece, it goes to the Event Inventory window!

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Quick Facts
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Playing 'Find the Bomb'...
Lucky Card Boxes...

You can typically purchase 'Lucky Card Boxes' from the Cash Item Shop during the event period, which contain random amounts of card pieces.

Lucky Card Box
Lucky Card Box

Costs ~10 WCoin; contains one item randomly:

  • Card Piece x1 (9% chance)
  • Card Piece x3 (26% chance)
  • Card Piece x5 (33% chance)
  • Card Piece x7 (15% chance)
  • Card Piece x9 (8% chance)
  • Card Piece x12 (4% chance)
  • Card Piece x15 (3% chance)
  • Card Piece x20 (1.5% chance)
  • Card Deck x1 (0.5% chance)
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