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Quest Menu The Guide Quests offers a variety of Quests, which will guide your character through the Continent. These quests are designed to help familiarize players with the game and its content. By completing the Quests offered, you'll learn almost every monster's location and earn great rewards along the way! You can skip all the Quests, but then you will not earn any of the rewards.

  • The Quests offered have various rewards, such as EXP, Zen, or even Ruud!
  • Each Quest has Character Level restrictions.
  • A Quest can only be accepted by a character if it's within the Character Level restrictions.
  • Sometimes the Task of each Quest varies by Character Class.
  • All of the Quests on this page cannot be repeated.
  • All Quests must be completed, or skipped, in order.
  • All Quests under a chapter can be skipped at the same time by ticking the check box next to the chapter title in the Quest menu, and then clicking Give Up Quest.
  • Clicking Go Now will automatically accept the next Quest, after the current Quest is completed.
  • When a Quest is skipped, the rewards will not be earned, and then next Quest will be automatically accepted.
  • Skipped Quests cannot be accepted again.
Quest Information Window
  • The Quest Information Window will automatically show the Guide Quests.
  • Clicking the Quest Information Window will send your character to the listed task.
Quest Chapters
  • Each Quest is known as a "chapter," with a handful of Subquests to complete.
  • After completing, or skipping, the last Subquest of a Quest chapter, the next chapter will be unlocked.
  • Current Quest chapters:
    1. Travelers of the Continent
    2. Adventurers of the Continent
    3. Growth Of The Heroes
    4. Awakening Of The Heroes
Quest Menu
  • Click Go Now to automatically move to the Quest Task.
  • Click Give Up Quest to skip the current Quest.


# Quest List
Click a button below to check all the Quests of each Quest Chapter.

Travelers of the Continent
Adventurers of the Continent
Growth Of The Heroes
Awakening Of The Heroes
# Rewards
The following list is the total sum of all possible rewards obtained during each Guide Quest:
Travelers of the Continent
Adventurers of the Continent
Growth Of The Heroes
Awakening Of The Heroes
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