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Elite Zones

Elite Zones are 'end-game' hunting areas for high level characters. Some of the highest level monsters in the game will appear in Elite Zones, marked in the game by large red flags outside of the area. Killing 'elite monsters' inside these areas will give you special opportunity for exclusive loot!

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Elite Zone flags

Elite Zones have two red flags at the entrance.

Elite Zone location...

Elite Zones are always located in the most difficult game map. Therefore, it changes from time to time if the developers release a new high level map.

The current Elite Zone areas in Season 18-1 are in...

Ignis Volcano

Fire spot
(171, 40)
Water spot
(30, 135)
Earth spot
(105, 37)
Wind spot
(47, 223)
Darkness spot
(214, 196)
Ignis Volcano

An image of the Ignis Volcano map.

Elite monster list... #

Below is a list of monsters which spawn in the elite zones.

Magma Gladiator (Elite)

Level 650
Magma Hook (Elite)

Level 650
Magma Shaman (Elite)

Level 650

Elite monster debuffs... #

Each attack from an elite monster has a 100% chance to inflict status effects on your character. The status effects that are inflicted will differ depending on the monster's 'element type.' You can resist these status effect by using a guardian item.

Fire Element
Inflicts Bleeding DMG
Causes decreased DMG
Water Element
Inflicts Poison DMG
Causes decreased DMG
Earth Element
Inflicts Bleeding DMG
Causes decreased ATK Speed
Wind Element
Inflicts Poison DMG
Causes decreased DEF
Darkness Element
Inflicts Bleeding DMG
Causes decreased DEF

Limited Rare Loot... #

Monsters in the elite zones have the chance to drop exclusive rare loot. The rare loot drops are limited to a certain amount on a weekly basis, which resets after maintenance. (Therefore, you would technically have the best chances of obtaining rare loot right after a scheduled maintenance is completed.)

The following items drop as exclusive loot in the elite zones.

Jewel of Harmony
Used to add +Harmony Option to an item.
Golden Crest
Used to craft 4th class wing and cape items.
Garuda's Flame
Used to craft 4th class wing and cape items.
Elite Guardian Upgrade Stone
Used to upgrade Guardian mount item.
Elite Conversion Stone Fragment
Collect x50 to create Elite Guardian Conversion Stone.
Sealed Armor Fragment
Collect x50 to create Cracked Bloodangel Armor, which can be crafted into ancient Bloodangel item +13.

Notes & Tips... #
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