Blood Castle
Blood Castle is a multi-player mini-game where players work together to complete a series of tasks. Players must work together to battle through hordes of monsters in order to retrieve the Archangel Weapon and return it to the Archangel!

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Game lore...

A mini-game NPC. Messenger Of Archangel offers entry into the Blood Castle Mini-game. Speak with him in Event Square in order to enter the Mini-game!


Olga, the Shadow Phantom Soldier, says:

"One of the strongest warriors in the Continent of MU, the Archangel, has secretly been laying watch over the lands that he has sworn to protect. Since Kundun's awakening, the Archangel has been warding off all the monsters trying to invade the Continent of MU. But alas, the Archangel could not fend on his own forever; Kundun's army has invaded his Castle and has overcome his strength. Archangel, injured and in peril, summons forth the warriors of MU to come aid him in his most dire time of need. Unable to recover his injuries, and unable to regain his strength without his Divine Weapon of Archangel, you have been asked to infiltrate this, now over ridden, bloody Castle and retrieve his weapon for him. To succeed, you'll fight past the bridge and force entrance into the castle gate. You'll have to slay several monsters inside the Castle, obtain the Divine Weapon of Archangel, and return it to him to complete his request. However, only with the Cloak of Invisibility will you be allowed onto the Castle grounds."

Entry times... #
00:05 ~ 00:10 (UTC)
00:35 ~ 00:40 (UTC)
01:05 ~ 01:10 (UTC)
01:35 ~ 01:40 (UTC)
02:05 ~ 02:10 (UTC)
02:35 ~ 02:40 (UTC)
03:05 ~ 03:10 (UTC)
03:35 ~ 03:40 (UTC)
05:05 ~ 05:10 (UTC)
07:05 ~ 07:10 (UTC)
09:05 ~ 09:10 (UTC)
11:05 ~ 11:10 (UTC)
13:05 ~ 13:10 (UTC)
15:05 ~ 15:10 (UTC)
17:05 ~ 17:10 (UTC)
19:05 ~ 19:10 (UTC)
21:05 ~ 21:10 (UTC)
21:35 ~ 21:40 (UTC)
22:05 ~ 22:10 (UTC)
22:35 ~ 22:40 (UTC)
23:05 ~ 23:10 (UTC)
Gates open in:

*the timer loses sync after awhile; refresh page for accuracy.

How to participate... #

You can enter Blood Castle by speaking with the Messenger Of Archangel, located in Devias or Event Square. However, you'll need to craft an 'Invisibility Cloak' through the Chaos Goblin Machine ahead of time.

Blood Castle 1
Level 50 ~ 399
Invisibility Cloak +1
Blood Castle 2
Level 400 ~ 599
Invisibility Cloak +2
Blood Castle 3
Level 600 ~ 699
Invisibility Cloak +3
Blood Castle 4
Level 700 ~ 799
Invisibility Cloak +4
Blood Castle 5
Level 800 ~ 899
Invisibility Cloak +5
Blood Castle 6
Level 900 ~ 999
Invisibility Cloak +6
Blood Castle 7
Level 1,000+
Invisibility Cloak +7

*crafting the 'Invisibility Cloak' requires one Jewel of Chaos, an Archangel Scroll, and a Blood Bone, which can be purchased from Lumen the Barmaid.

Entry period... #

When you enter Blood Castle, you'll spawn in a safe-zone of the arena. You will be able to interact with and form a party with other players in the safe-zone area. Once the entry period ends, there will be a 60 second waiting period before the mini-game starts. A count-down timer will appear when there is 30 seconds remaining until the mini-game begins!

Blood Castle
An image of the Blood Castle safe zone.
  • Up to 10 players can join in a single instance.
  • You can enter up to 4 times per day.
  • You can party with other characters.
  • You cannot enter if you have PK Status.
  • There's no penalty upon character death.
  • Town Portal Scroll will warp you to Event Square.
  • If you die, you will be moved to Event Square.
  • You cannot trade or attack other players.

Mini-game start... #

When the mini-game starts, a bunch of monsters will spawn on the long narrow bridge. You'll need to fight your way through the monsters to reach the other side of the bridge. Additionally, you'll need to kill a certain number of monsters to proceed to the next task. The required amount of monsters that must be killed depends on the number of other players participating in the mini-game. 40 monsters must be killed as a group, per player participating. In the lower right corner of the screen, you'll see a tracker showing the number of monsters killed and a time limit of 15 minutes.

Blood Castle
An image of the Blood Castle arena.

Breaching the Castle gates... #

When you've reached the required amount of monster kills, the next step will be to attack and destroy the Castle's gate.

An image of Blood Castle's gate.

Killing Magic Skeletons... #

Once the Castle's gate is destroyed, you'll need to kill Magic Skeleton monsters as a group. The required amount of monsters that must be killed depends on the number of other players participating in the mini-game. 2 monsters must be killed as a group, per player participating.

An image of the Magic Skeleton monster.

Destroy the Statue to obtain the Archangel Weapon... #

When you've reached the required amount of monster kills, the next step will be to attack and destroy the Statue of Spirit. It spawns in the northern most part of the Castle, and its health varies based on the number of other players participating in the mini-game.

An image of the Statue of Spirit.

Winning Blood Castle... #

Once the Statue of Spirit is destroyed, the Archangel Weapon will drop on the ground. You'll need to pick up the weapon and return it to the NPC in the safe zone. So you'll need to fight your way back across the bridge to safety. Once in the safe zone, talk to the NPC to return the Archangel Weapon and complete the mini-game!

An image of the Archangel Weapon.

Return the Archangel Weapon

+1,000 event points!*

Party Member of winning player

+800 event points!

Non-party member that survived

+600 event points!

*event points earned from 'returning the Archangel Weapon' increases by +5 points per mini-game difficulty level.

Notes & Tips...

The monsters will continuously respawn as other monsters are killed. So there will always be a lot of monsters on the bridge between the safe zone and the Castle. If you are blocked by a cluster of monsters, you'll need to kill some monsters and then quickly move along the bridge. Otherwise the monsters will keep clustering and blocking the path. If you are not strong enough to help much, you can technically sit in the safe area and wait for other players to complete the mini-game; you'll earn rewards just for surviving.

An image of a player completing the Blood Castle mini-game.
Blood Castle
Monster List... #
Monster level 56
  • Health: 5,000
  • ATK DMG: 160 ~ 180
  • ATK Rate: 190
  • DEF: 110
  • DEF Rate: 85
Monster level 61
  • Health: 6,500
  • ATK DMG: 180 ~ 200
  • ATK Rate: 210
  • DEF: 120
  • DEF Rate: 95
Monster level 66
  • Health: 8,000
  • ATK DMG: 190 ~ 220
  • ATK Rate: 230
  • DEF: 150
  • DEF Rate: 100
Monster level 70
  • Health: 9,500
  • ATK DMG: 210 ~ 240
  • ATK Rate: 250
  • DEF: 180
  • DEF Rate: 115
Monster level 73
  • Health: 12,000
  • ATK DMG: 220 ~ 260
  • ATK Rate: 270
  • DEF: 190
  • DEF Rate: 130
Monster level 79
  • Health: 15,000
  • ATK DMG: 230 ~ 280
  • ATK Rate: 300
  • DEF: 240
  • DEF Rate: 180
Blood Castle 2...
  • Orc Warrior (Lv 64)
  • Orc Archer (Lv 69)
  • Dark Skull Soldier (Lv 75)
  • Giant Ogre (Lv 79)
  • Red Skeleton Knight (Lv 82)
  • Magic Skeleton (Lv 84)
Blood Castle 3...
  • Orc Warrior (Lv 70)
  • Orc Archer (Lv 75)
  • Dark Skull Soldier (Lv 80)
  • Giant Ogre (Lv 85)
  • Red Skeleton Knight (Lv 87)
  • Magic Skeleton (Lv 90)
Blood Castle 4...
  • Orc Warrior (Lv 76)
  • Orc Archer (Lv 81)
  • Dark Skull Soldier (Lv 86)
  • Giant Ogre (Lv 90)
  • Red Skeleton Knight (Lv 94)
  • Magic Skeleton (Lv 99)
Blood Castle 5...
  • Orc Warrior (Lv 85)
  • Orc Archer (Lv 87)
  • Dark Skull Soldier (Lv 90)
  • Giant Ogre (Lv 93)
  • Red Skeleton Knight (Lv 98)
  • Magic Skeleton (Lv 102)
Blood Castle 6...
  • Orc Warrior (Lv 110)
  • Orc Archer (Lv 112)
  • Dark Skull Soldier (Lv 118)
  • Giant Ogre (Lv 120)
  • Red Skeleton Knight (Lv 127)
  • Magic Skeleton (Lv 135)
Blood Castle 7...
  • Orc Warrior (Lv 114)
  • Orc Archer (Lv 117)
  • Dark Skull Soldier (Lv 125)
  • Giant Ogre (Lv 129)
  • Red Skeleton Knight (Lv 132)
  • Magic Skeleton (Lv 140)
*monster stats are similiar to any other monster of the same combat level.
Completion Reward... #

Any player that survived the entire time will earn rewards! Item rewards are sent to your Gremory Case!

You'll earn the following rewards:

EXP (see below)
Zen x250,000

EXP Reward...

The amount of rewarded EXP is based on the amount of time remaining.

Blood Castle 1...

EXP x160, per second remaining

Blood Castle 2...

EXP x180, per second remaining

Blood Castle 3...

EXP x200, per second remaining

Blood Castle 4...

EXP x220, per second remaining

Blood Castle 5...

EXP x240, per second remaining

Blood Castle 6...

EXP x260, per second remaining

Blood Castle 7...

EXP x280, per second remaining

You can earn additional EXP based on you or your party's contribution to the mini-game.

Destroy the castle gate
  • BC1: EXP x20,000
  • BC2: EXP x50,000
  • BC3: EXP x80,000
  • BC4: EXP x90,000
  • BC5: EXP x100,000
  • BC6: EXP x110,000
  • BC7: EXP x120,000
Destroy the Statue of Spirit
  • BC1: EXP x20,000
  • BC2: EXP x50,000
  • BC3: EXP x80,000
  • BC4: EXP x90,000
  • BC5: EXP x100,000
  • BC6: EXP x110,000
  • BC7: EXP x120,000
Return the Absolute Weapon
  • BC1: EXP x5,000
  • BC2: EXP x10,000
  • BC3: EXP x15,000
  • BC4: EXP x20,000
  • BC5: EXP x25,000
  • BC6: EXP x30,000
  • BC7: EXP x35,000

*all party members will earn 50% of these EXP rewards if anyone in the party completed the task.

Event Contribution Reward... #

Players over level 400 can earn a reward based on their individual event contribution during the mini-game. In Blood Castle, event contribution is based on the event points you earn and increased by killing monsters. If a Fairy Elf character has more than 1500 ENE stat points, their event contribution reward is based on the average of party members' contribution.

Blood Castle 1

You cannot earn event contribution in BC1.

Blood Castle 2 ~ 4

One of the following:

Blood Castle 5 ~ 7

One of the following:

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