[Blood Castle]
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[Guardian Archangel] has been injured and his Castle has been plundered by [Kundun's] army! During their attack, [Kundun's] army managed to steal the [Divine Weapon of Archangel] from [Guardsman Archangel]! He is asking for assistance from travelers to force entry back into his Castle, and recover the weapon so he can regain his full strength. There is no penalty upon death in this [Mini-game].

[Invisibility Cloak]
[Invisibility Cloak]
[Invisibility Cloak] crafting
  • [Mini-game Ticket] item
  • Crafted via NPC [Chaos Goblin Machine].
  • The crafting ingredients can be obtained from monster drops.
  • You can buy the crafting ingredients via [NPC] [Lumen the Barmaid]
  • [NPC] price: [Zen] (x10,000) ~ (x1,000,000) (+Tax)

NPC [Messenger of Archangel]
  • Talk to NPC [Messenger of Archangel] to enter [Blood Castle].
  • Located in Devias (207, 27)
  • Required [Character Level]: [Level 50]

One of the strongest warriors in the Continent of MU, the [Guardian Archangel], has secretly been laying watch over the lands that he has sworn to protect. Since Kundun's awakening, the Archangel has been warding off all the monsters trying to invade the Continent of MU. But alas, the Guardian Archangel could not fend on his own forever; Kundun's army has invaded his Castle and has overcome his strength. Guardian Archangel, injured and in peril, summons forth the warriors of MU to come aid him in his most dire time of need. Unable to recover his injuries, and unable to regain his strength without his [Divine Weapon of Archangel], you have been asked to infiltrate this, now over ridden, bloody Castle and retrieve his weapon for him. To succeed, you'll fight past the bridge and force entrance into the castle gate. You'll have to slay several monsters inside the Castle, obtain the [Divine Weapon of Archangel], and return it to him to complete his request. However, only with the [Cloak of Invisibility] will you be allowed onto the Castle grounds.

[Mini-game] [Difficulty Level]
The [Mini-game] is divided into different [Difficulty Levels] to group players fairly, according to their [Character Level].

[Mini-game] Starting Time
These are the times which the [Mini-game] actually starts! You must enter the [Mini-game] during its [Entry Period], which is up to 6 minutes prior to the listed start time. The [Entry Period] closes one minute before the [Mini-game] starts.
[Mini-game] Rules



[Blood Castle] arena:

[Blood Castle]

[Blood Castle] start:

[Blood Castle] tips & tricks:

[Blood Castle] [Event Points]:

Winning [Blood Castle]:

[Event Contribution]
By earning additional [Event Contribution], a character can increase the [Mastery Box] reward amount. [Mastery Box] is only rewarded from [Difficulty Level 4] and higher.

[Blood Castle]

Monster List
Blood Castle 1
  • Orc Warrior (Lv 56)
  • Orc Archer (Lv 61)
  • Dark Skull Soldier (Lv 66)
  • Giant Ogre (Lv 70)
  • Red Skeleton Knight (Lv 74)
  • Magic Skeleton (Lv 79)
Blood Castle 2
  • Orc Warrior (Lv 64)
  • Orc Archer (Lv 69)
  • Dark Skull Soldier (Lv 75)
  • Giant Ogre (Lv 79)
  • Red Skeleton Knight (Lv 82)
  • Magic Skeleton (Lv 84)
Blood Castle 3
  • Orc Warrior (Lv 70)
  • Orc Archer (Lv 75)
  • Dark Skull Soldier (Lv 80)
  • Giant Ogre (Lv 85)
  • Red Skeleton Knight (Lv 87)
  • Magic Skeleton (Lv 90)
Blood Castle 4
  • Orc Warrior (Lv 76)
  • Orc Archer (Lv 81)
  • Dark Skull Soldier (Lv 86)
  • Giant Ogre (Lv 90)
  • Red Skeleton Knight (Lv 94)
  • Magic Skeleton (Lv 99)
Blood Castle 5
  • Orc Warrior (Lv 85)
  • Orc Archer (Lv 87)
  • Dark Skull Soldier (Lv 90)
  • Giant Ogre (Lv 93)
  • Red Skeleton Knight (Lv 98)
  • Magic Skeleton (Lv 102)
Blood Castle 6
  • Orc Warrior (Lv 110)
  • Orc Archer (Lv 112)
  • Dark Skull Soldier (Lv 118)
  • Giant Ogre (Lv 120)
  • Red Skeleton Knight (Lv 127)
  • Magic Skeleton (Lv 135)
Blood Castle 7
  • Orc Warrior (Lv 114)
  • Orc Archer (Lv 117)
  • Dark Skull Soldier (Lv 125)
  • Giant Ogre (Lv 129)
  • Red Skeleton Knight (Lv 132)
  • Magic Skeleton (Lv 140)

Reward List
Blood Castle 1 ~ 3
  1. [EXP], based on participation.
  2. [Zen] (x250,000)
  3. [Jewel of Chaos] (x1)

Blood Castle 4
  1. [EXP], based on participation.
  2. [Zen] (x250,000)
  3. [Jewel of Chaos] (x1)
  4. [Mastery Box], based on [Event Contribution]:
Blood Castle 5 ~ 7
  1. [EXP], based on participation.
  2. [Zen] (x250,000)
  3. [Jewel of Chaos] (x1)
  4. [Mastery Box], based on [Event Contribution]:

Blood Castle EXP Formula
You'll be rewarded with [EXP], if you or your [Party] survives the [Mini-game], depending on your overall participation.


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