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Much like pets, Muun are friendly creatures that give your character extra bonuses to aid them in combat! However, the Muun's extra bonuses will only apply when under specific game-play conditions. Just like pets, there are also mountable muun items!

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Muun Slots

Press [Y] to open the 'muun inventory!'

Quick Facts

Obtaining muun...
Muun Inventory
Ability conditions...

Muun have certain conditions that must be met for their ability to take effect.

Ability multiplier...

When you initially obtain any muun, it will automatically have a time-limited ability multiplier! The multiplier lasts 30 days from the time you obtained the muun.

Muun grades & max level...

Muun have a 'grade' which determines its max level. Grade is indicated by the circles that appear under the muun name. For example: "(OOO)"

Muun upgrades and evolution...

You can increase a muun's level by combining duplicate level 1 muun together. For example, a 'level 1' Alkamo can have its level increased by dragging and dropping another 'level 1' Alkamo on it.

To evolve a muun, simply drag and drop its 'Evolution Stone' on it.

Muun appearance changes after evolution

'Normal Muun' List

The following Muun are typically obtained from opening 'muun eggs' during the 'Egg of Monsters' event.

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'Mountable Muun' List

The following Muun can be mounted via hot-key [Ctrl]+[Z]. They are typically obtained by killing the Core Magriffy boss, however the Tibetton is a premium muum which is only obtainable through promotional events.

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'Premium Muun' List

The following Muun can only be obtaned from Premium Muun Eggs or other promotional events. The +Muun Option will apply in PVP if the Muun is evolved.

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'Hero Muun' List

The following Muun can only be obtaned if you reach the maximum in-game character level. When you reach max level, the current season muun item is delivered to your Gremory Case.

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Notes & Tips
Hero Muun Slot
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