Muun Items
Much like pets, Muun are friendly creatures that give your character extra bonuses to aid them in combat! However, the Muun's extra bonuses will only apply when under specific game-play conditions. Just like pets, there are also mountable muun items!

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Muun Item Types
This is a list of different Muun items that can be used for combat.
  • Normal: equipped via Muun inventory slot.
  • Mount: mounted via [Ctrl]+[Z].
Muun Item Grades
Item Grades make items more powerful. Here are some possible Muun item grades:
  • Normal: max level is 3.
  • Premium: max level is 4.
  • Seasonal: level cannot be increased.
How do I obtain Muun?
Muun Inventory
Muun +Item Level
Muun +Item Level can be increased to enahnce the item's +Muun Option!
Muun Evolution
Muun can be evolved once to enahnce the item's +Muun Option even further!
Egg of Monsters Event #
During the Egg of Monster event, special monsters appear which may drop Muun Eggs. Open these eggs for a chance at Jewels, Muun, or Evolution Stones!
Contains one of the following rewards:

Event Monster List
These monsters spawn during the event!
Moon Rabbit Egg
Possible egg contents:
  • Map:
    • Lost Tower Floor 1 ~ 7
    • Icarus
    • Kalima Floor 5
    • Adia
  • Item drop:
Lucky Bag Egg
Possible egg contents:
Fire Flame Ghost Egg
Possible egg contents:
Notes & Tips
Muun Inventory
Muun List #
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Mountable Muun List #
The following Muun can be mounted via hot-key: [Ctrl] + [Z].
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Premium Muun List #
The following Muun can only be obtaned from Premium Muun Eggs or other promotional events. The +Muun Option will apply in PVP if the Muun is evolved.
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