Doppelganger Mini-game
The Doppelganger is a unique dimensional arena. Here, teams of players can compete against each other in a "tower defence" style mini-game! You must fight off the monsters that spawn in order to prevent them from breaching your base. If multiple teams of players survive the hoard of monsters, you'll fight each other to the death to determine the winner! Its an all-around exciting competition!

Game lore...
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Olga, the Shadow Phantom Soldier, says:


Entry times... #
22:25 ~ 22:30 (UTC)
Entry opens in:

*the timer loses sync after awhile; refresh page for accuracy.

How to participate... #
Dimensional Mirror

You can enter Doppelganger by speaking with Lugard, located in Loren Market and Event Square. However, you'll need to obtain a 'Dimensional Mirror' ahead of time.

Doppelganger 1
Level 50 ~ 399
Dimensional Mirror
Doppelganger 2
Level 400 ~ 499
Dimensional Mirror
Doppelganger 3
Level 500 ~ 599
Dimensional Mirror
Doppelganger 4
Level 600 ~ 699
Dimensional Mirror
Doppelganger 5
Level 700 ~ 799
Dimensional Mirror
Doppelganger 6
Level 900 ~ 999
Dimensional Mirror
Doppelganger 7
Level 1000+
Dimensional Mirror

*you can create the 'Dimensional Mirror' by stacking five 'Dimensional Signs,' which can be obtained by killing almost any monster.

Entry period... #

When you enter Doppelganger, you'll spawn at your team's magical barrier. You will be able to chat with other players until the mini-game starts. When the entry period ends, there will be a 60 second waiting period before the mini-game begins.

  • You must be in a party of 5 players to join.
  • Up to 4 parties of 5 players can join in a single instance.
  • The mini-game will only start if at least 2 parties join.
  • You cannot enter if you have PK Status.
  • Town Portal Scroll will warp you to Event Square.
  • There's no penalty upon character death.
  • If you die, you will be moved to Event Square.
  • If you kill another player you will not get a 'PK Status.'
  • You cannot trade other players.

Mini-game start... #

When the mini-game starts, monsters will start spawning in the center of the map. These monsters will gradually walk along the path that leads towards your team's barrier. You'll need to kill these monsters as they progress in order to prevent them from breaching your magical barrier. If 3 monsters breach your team's barrier, your team will lose and will be removed from the mini-game. Groups of monsters will spawn over the entire 10 minutes, spawning about every 3 seconds. The hoards of monsters can grow in great size, so its a good idea to stagger your party members along different areas of the path. If you can reach the middle of the map, its also a good place to activate the MU Helper to kill the monsters as they spawn.

There is a user interface in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen which shows the time remaining and the number of monsters that have breached your team's barrier. It also displays your position (the blue icon), the position of the leading monster (the yellow bar), and the positions of each party members (the gray icons). When the boss monster spawns, it will appear as a red icon on the display.

Boss monster spawns... #

"Slaughterer" and "Ice Walker" are boss monsters that spawn at specific intervals. The Slaughterer spawns in the center of the map at three different times: 08:00, 06:00, and 03:00 time remaining. Defeating this boss monster yields a rewarding outcome, as three silver chests materialize upon its demise. These chests hold the promise of valuable loot, but there's a twist - only one of the three can be opened, revealing a random reward item. However, be prepared for the possibility of encountering a group of menacing Larva monsters instead of a prize when opening the silver chests. Additionally, the Ice Walker poses a significant threat, making its presence felt at 04:00 time remaining. It materializes in close proximity to your team's protective barrier, necessitating swift action to ensure its defeat before the time limit expires.

Winning Doppelganger... #

If two or more parties manage to survive the waves of monsters until 00:00 time remaining, they will engage in a battle against each other. The objective is straightforward: your party must fight any remaining party until one emerges as the winner. There's a time limit of only three minutes for this showdown. So, act quickly and strategically to secure victory in this intense face-off. If two or more parties survive the final battle until 00:00 time remaining, the winner will be determined based on several factors, respectively: the party with the highest Event Contribution, the party with the most surviving members, or the party with the lowest average character level among its members.

However, if only one party manages to survive the waves of monsters, they will automatically be declared the winner!

Monster List... #

The following monsters will appear during the mini-game...

Doppelganger 'character'

Level 31...
*There is a 'doppelganger' for all character classes...
Doppelganger 'monster'

Level 33...
*Uses an 'explode' skill...

Level 35...
*Spawns randomly when opening chests...

Level 40...
*Spawns at 08:00 / 06:00 / 03:00 time remaining...
Ice Walker

Level 42...
*Spawns close to your team's barrier at 04:00 time remaining in a group of three...

Doppelganger 2...
  • Doppelganger 'character' (Lv 56)
  • Doppelganger 'monster' (Lv 60)
  • Larva (Lv 64)
  • Slaughterer (Lv 72)
  • Ice Walker (Lv 76)
Doppelganger 3...
  • Doppelganger 'character' (Lv 62)
  • Doppelganger 'monster' (Lv 66)
  • Larva (Lv 71)
  • Slaughterer (Lv 79)
  • Ice Walker (Lv 84)
Doppelganger 4...
  • Doppelganger 'character' (Lv 95)
  • Doppelganger 'monster' (Lv 102)
  • Larva (Lv 109)
  • Slaughterer (Lv 122)
  • Ice Walker (Lv 129)
Doppelganger 5...
  • Doppelganger 'character' (Lv ?)
  • Doppelganger 'monster' (Lv ?)
  • Larva (Lv ?)
  • Slaughterer (Lv ?)
  • Ice Walker (Lv ?)
Doppelganger 6...
  • Doppelganger 'character' (Lv ?)
  • Doppelganger 'monster' (Lv ?)
  • Larva (Lv ?)
  • Slaughterer (Lv ?)
  • Ice Walker (Lv ?)
Doppelganger 7...
  • Doppelganger 'character' (Lv ?)
  • Doppelganger 'monster' (Lv ?)
  • Larva (Lv ?)
  • Slaughterer (Lv ?)
  • Ice Walker (Lv ?)
Interim reward chest... #

During the mini-game, each team can earn a reward after killing a boss monster! When a boss monster is killed, three silver chests will appear. Your team will be able to open one of the three silver chests for a random reward. However, there is a chance that you won't get any reward and instead a group of Larva monsters will spawn!

Zen x10,000
Any Jewel x1

*there is a high chance that a group of larva monsters will appear instead of a reward...

Final reward chest... #

When the mini-game ends, the winning team will be able to open a golden chest which will give rewards randomly! A cluster of 3 ~ 5 items will fall onto the ground for each surviving party memeber.

Zen x10,000
Normal item +0 ~ +?
Any Jewel x1
Excellent item +0
Loch's Feather x1
Horn of Fenrir x1

Completion Reward... #

Each player on the winning team will earn the following rewards...

Jewel of Life x1
EXP x?
x70,000 exp per difficulty level?
Gens Contribution x?
x30 pts per difficulty level?

Event Contribution Reward... #

Players over level 400 can earn a reward based on their individual event contribution during the mini-game. In Doppelganger, event contribution is based on your monster and player kill count, and is increased if your party kills the Ice Walker, and if your party wins the mini-game. If a Fairy Elf character has more than 1500 ENE stat points, their event contribution reward is based on the average of party members' contribution.

Doppelganger 1...

You cannot earn event contribution in DOP1.

Doppelganger 2 ~ 4...

One of the following:

Doppelganger 5 ~ 7...

One of the following:

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