Game Controls
MU Online requires a mouse and keyboard to play. This is a full list of all in-game controls such as menu hot-keys and other game shortcuts.

Basic Controls
  • [Left click]: action button.
  • [Right click]: alternate action button.
  • [Middle click]: starts/stops MU Helper.
  • [Scroll wheel]: zooms the camera in/out.
  • [1] ~ [9] & [0]: switchs between skills.
  • [Q], [W], [E], [R]: quickly use consumable items.
  • [Space Bar]: pick up items on the ground.
  • [Ctrl]: hold this key to attack other players!
  • [Ctrl] + [Z]: mount Muun item.
  • [Alt]: toggles the display of names of items on the ground.
  • [Alt] + [Right click]: opens Character Commands when clicked on another character.
keyboard controls
Keyboard Shortcuts
  • [I], or [V]: opens the character inventory.
  • [I], then [S]: - opens the Personal Store window.
  • [K]: opens tthe Gremory Case.
  • [C]: opens the character's stat menu.
  • [U]: opens the character's skill tree.
  • [Z]: opens the MU Helper settings.
  • [M]: opens the warp window.
  • [T]: opens the quest window.
  • [Y]: opens the Muun inventory.
  • [D]: opens a list of character commands.
  • [F]: opens the Friends List and Mailbox.
  • [B]: opens the Gens information window.
  • [G]: opens your guilds information.
  • [A]: opens the Master Skill Tree window.
  • [Ctrl] + [A]: opens the Enhance Skill Tree window.
  • [N]: opens party & guild matching.
  • [X]: opens the Cash Item Shop.
  • [P]: opens the Personal Store List.
  • [J]: opens the Facebook app window.
  • [END]: opens the Hunting Log.
  • [O]: opens the Option Menu.
  • [ESC]: opens the System Menu.
  • [F1]: opens the in-game Play Guide.
  • [F2]: opens the Block Users window.
  • [Tab]: opens the mini-map:
    • use "[" to increases opacity
    • use "]" to decreases opacity
    • use "-" to reduces size
    • use "+" to increases size
Chat box controls
chat box
  • [Enter]: opens the chat box.
  • [Up]\[Down Arrow]: rewrites previously sent messages.
  • [F5]: toggles the chat box display.
  • [F9]: toggles the Gens chat display.
  • [F10]: toggle public chat display.
  • [F11]: displays the most recent message.
  • [F12]: toggles Guild chat display.

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