Ancient Set Item

Ancient items are powerful sets of equipment that, when worn together, unlock a list of unique additional options called '+Set Option!' They are stronger than their normal or excellent-grade counterparts, having much greater offensive and defensive stats! Ancient sets are some of the most powerful equipment items in the game!

Quick Facts
Obtaining ancient items...
  • Can be dropped by monsters in Land of Trials.
  • Can be dropped by monsters in Imperial Fortress (Varka).
  • Can be dropped by boss monsters.
  • Can be obtained from winning Chaos Castle.
  • Can be dropped by monsters in Acheron, if your guild won Arka War.
Ancient 'mastery items'...
  • 'Sealed ancient items' can be purchased from NPC Priest James with the Ruud currency.
  • 'Sealed ancient items' can then be unsealed via NPC Chaos Goblin Machine.
Ancient 'enhanced items'...
  • Can be obtained by transforming 'ancient mastery items' via NPC Chaos Goblin Machine.

Possible '+Ancient Options'...

One '+Ancient Option' is always bound to an ancient item, and it cannot be upgraded or changed.

  • Strength +5 or +10
  • Agility +5 or +10
  • Stamina +5 or +10
  • Energy +5 or +10
Ancient 'mastery items' and 'enhanced items'...
  • Strength +15 or +30
  • Agility +15 or +30
  • Stamina +15 or +30
  • Energy +15 or +30
  • All stats +15 or +30
Ancient Set List

Some ancient sets can be used by multiple classes. However, some characters may not be able to equip all the items within the entire 'set name.' For example, the Rage Fighter cannot use Gloves, and the Magic Gladiator cannot use Helms. Therefore, those characters would not be able to equip an entire 'set name' if it were to include those items.

Filter ancient sets by character class:
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Dark Knight
Fairy Elf
Dark Wizard
Magic Gladiator
Dark Lord
Grow Lancer
Rage Fighter

You can click an ancient set above to preview the details of each item in the set...

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