Ancient Items
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Ancient Items are powerful sets of equipment items which, when worn together, unlock +Set Options! Ancient items are a stronger item grade than normal or excellent grade items, with increased DMG or DEF! Ancient Mastery Items are some of the most powerful items in MU; however it will require a character over level 400 to start using them!

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Ancient Item Types
Ancient Item This is a list of different excellent items that can be used for combat.
  • Armor items: defensive
  • Shield items: defensive
  • Weapon items: offenvise
  • Pendant Items: offenvise
  • Ring Items: defensive
Ancient Item Grades
Item Grades make items more powerful by increasing item stats and adding +Additional Options to the item. Here are some possible excellent item grades:
  • Mastery items: requires character level 400.
  • Enhanced items: requires character level 800.
  • Lucky Ticket items: purchased from the Cash Item Shop.
How do I obtain Ancient Items? #
+Ancient Option #
One +Ancient Option is bound to an item and it cannot be upgraded or changed.
  • STR +5 or +10
  • AGI +5 or +10
  • STA +5 or +10
  • ENE +5 or +10
+Set Option #
Ancient Option
Armor Set List #
Equip all items in the set and you will unlock all of the +Set Options! Some tier 2 classes may not be able to equip all items of a tier 1 class set. Check the details of each character's ancient sets below.
Click a class below to check the details of their sets.
Ancient Set details will appear here...

Notes & Tips #
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