[Hero Status]
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NPC [Marlon] is a loyal guard whom works for the [Church of Devias], assisting as a guard in various cities. He has received intel which suggests rumors of the [Ring of Honor], a sacred item lost during Giaon's revolt, being located near [Tarkan]. Anyone which equips the [Ring of Honor] can be blessed with its magical additional abilities and strength. The ring was created at the time which the [Secromicon] was created, with the exact same indestructible metallic materials. The ring was then blessed by Etramu to prevent evil from manipulating its power. Agree to find the item for [Marlon] and he will show you how to gain its ability first.

NPC [Marlon]
  • Located in:
    • [Lorencia] (136, 88)
    • [Noria] (169, 88)
    • [Devias] (197, 48)
    • [Atlans] (16, 35)
  • Offers a [Quest] for characters of [Character Level] [Level 220] or greater.

  • Only offered to the following [Character Class]:
    • [Blade Knight]
    • [Muse Elf]
    • [Soul Master]
    • [Bloody Summoner]
  • Required [Character Level]: [Level 220]
  • Required items: [Zen] (x3,000,000)
  • Required [Quest]: [Treasures of MU]
  • [Difficulty]: Novice

The [Ring of Honor] is a sacred item which was created during the time the [Secromicon] was created. The two sacred items were created with identical indestructible materials, in which created the most sacred pieces of history to ever exist. The ring was created with great magical power, which was told to bring everlasting youth to its possessor. Some tales even say it has the ability to bring the dead back to life. Because of its great possible strength, [Etramu] casted a magical spell on it, ridding evil from manipulating its potential power. However, [Kundun's] invasion inevitably became this item's history, as it was lost during [Giaon's] revolt. Retrieving the sacred item would be a great step to recovering the empire's lost faith.

Additional Information



[Story] [Quest] list
[Part 1]
  • [Task]:
    • Item: [Zen] (x3,000,000)
    • Speak to: NPC [Marlon]
  • Reward:
    • Unlock [Quest]: [Part 2]
Additional Info:
  • This [Quest] can NOT be repeated.
[Part 2]
  • [Task]:
  • Reward:
    • [+1] additional [Stat Point], if the character is greater than [Level 220], for each [Character Level] past [Level 220].
    • A total of [+6] [Stat Points] will be earned each [Character Level], from now on.
    • Unlock [Quest]: [Master Quest]
Additional Info:
  • This [Quest] is unlocked after completing [Part 1] of the [Quest].
  • This [Quest] can NOT be repeated.
  • [Blade Knight] characters will have to complete an additional [Quest] first, in order to start the [Master Quest].
[Ring of Honor]

  • [Quest Item]
Additional Info:
  • Item is [Bound] to the character.
  • Cannot be traded.
  • Cannot be stored in vault.
  • Cannot be picked up unless [Quest] is active.
  • Can be dropped by monsters while in any [Party].
The following list is the total sum of all rewards obtained during the [Hero Status] [Quest]:
  • [+1] additional [Stat Point], per current [Character Level] past [Level 220].
  • [+6] [Stat Points] will be earned per [Character Level], from now on.
  • Unlock [Quest]: [Master Quest]
  • [Muse Elf]:
    • Unlock [Skill]: [Infinity Arrow]
  • [Blade Knight]:
    • Unlock [Quest]: [Dark Stone]
    • Completing the [Dark Stone] [Quest] is required in order to start the [Master Quest].

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