Game Interface
MU Online has a lot of different game systems and features to learn how to use. On this page we run you through the basics of each in-game system.

Client Interface #
User Interface

User Interface
Notification Icons #
Mini-game Notifications Event Notifications
Quest Window #
Quest Information Window
  • The Quest Window displays real-time information of quests.
  • Click the Quest Window to open a quest's full details in the My Quest menu.
  • When a quest is completed, you can click the quest interface to claim the rewards.
Character Interface #
Character information
  • 1): gens symbol
  • 2): guild and guild alliance name
  • 3): character name
  • 4): equipped pentagram elemental type
  • 5): public chat message
  • 6): system message
  • 7): guild chat message
  • 8): gens chat message
Personal Store
Character Commands #
Character Commands Quick Command Menu Use character commands to interact with other players!
Warp Commands #
Warp Command Use the warp command to quickly move from map to map!
Gremory Case #
Gremory Case Rewards you've earned from completing mini-games and events are sent to the gremory case. Make sure to claim your items as soon as possible because after a while the items in the gremory case will expire and be deleted forever!
Public & Private Messages #
Public chat Press [Enter] to type a public message to other players! You can also send a variety of private messages to groups of players or even directly to another player!

Chat Box options

Chat Box Chat Box Hot-keys

Emotes #
rush Emotes are performed by writing key words in the chat. Additionally, you can hide the text by writing / in front of a key-word. For example: "/Hello"

emote command
Friend List #
You can add other players to a friend list to know when they are online!
My Friends window
  • Hot-key: [F]
  • Shows online status.
  • You can open a private chat window with friends.
Letter Box #
There is a mail system which allows you to send letters to characters that are offline.
Letter Box
Mail notification
  • Hot-key: [F]
  • Send and read letters.
  • An icon will appear when you receive a letter.
Facebook App #
You can connect your Facebook account to receive notifications about in-game activity!
  • Hot-key: [J]
  • Get notifications like:
    • Item obtained.
    • Item sold via Personal Store.
    • Character death.
    • Character Level increase.
Connect To SNS
Options Menu #
Use the options menu to change various in-game settings.
  • Hot-key: [O]
  • Automatic Attack: when attacked by a monster, the character will automatically attack back.
  • Slide Help: toggles the display of the help information displayed at the top of the game client.
  • Monster Display: toggles the display of monster names.
  • Whispering: toggles the sound effect of Whisper messages.
  • Name Display: toggles the display of Character Names.
  • BGM On/Off: toggles background music on or off.
  • Mute: mutes all client sound effects and music.
  • +Effect Limit: limits the graphical intensity of items with a high Item Level.
Option Menu
Play Guide #

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