MU Helper
The MU Helper allows the ability idle play! It automatically hunts monsters and tracks detailed statistics! The only con is that you will be charged Zen while the helper is running!

MU Helper
Hunting Log
Auto-attacking Helper Menu
Helper Cost
While the MU Helper is running, you will be charged a small amount of Zen every five minutes.
Assign Helper #
Hunting Log #
The Hunting Log can track up to 60 days of detailed combat statistics, while using the MU Helper feature.
  • Hot-key: [END]
  • It keeps track of certain statistics for up to 60 individual days, per map.
  • Use the drop down list to view the statistics of a different map.
  • You can view either Accumulative or Per Second statistics.
  • The information can be displayed as a Table or Graph.
  • A character can choose to share their Hunting Log publicly by toggling Open My Hunting History option.
  • To view at another character's public Hunting Log, use the Quick Command Menu (ALT + Right Click).
  • It keeps track of the following statistics:
    • Hunting time
    • Normal DMG dealt
    • Elemental DMG dealt
    • HP recovered
    • Monster kills
    • EXP gained
  • The Hunting Log can be minimized into the Instant Hunting Log
  • The Instant Hunting Log only displays the current session's Per Second statistics:
    • Total Hunting Time
    • Normal DMG dealt, per second
    • Elemental DMG dealt, per second
    • HP recovered, per second
    • Monsters killed, per second
    • EXP gained, per second
  • Instant Hunting Log can be moved anywhere on the screen, or hidden via the x button.
  • The - button opens the Hunting Log menu.
Hunting Log UI
Instant Hunting Log
Helper Settings #
MU Helper Settings Below we explain each setting in detail for understanding.

Hunting Settings
Class Settings
These settings are only available for certain classes:
Original Position

Basic Skill

Activation Skill
MU Helper Settings Obtaining Settings
Add Extra Item
MU Helper Settings Other Settings
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