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MU Helper

The MU Helper can assist you killing monsters, and it can also allow you to hunt monsters while away from the keyboard! When you turn the helper on, it automatically hunts monsters and will even keep track of detailed hunting statistics! However, it's important to know that it costs zen to keep the helper running!

#Hunting log...
#Helper settings...
#Helper plus...

Helper costs...

While the helper is running, you will be charged a variable amount of zen every five minutes. The cost increases every hour the helper is running, however the cost will reset whenever the helper is turned off. So, it can get expensive if you leave the helper running for long periods of time.

Zen cost per 5 minutes...
  • 1st hour: (Character Level * 20)
  • 2nd hour: (Character Level * 30)
  • 3rd hour: (Character Level * 40)
  • 4th hour: (Character Level * 50)
  • After 4 hours: (Character Level * 60)

Hunting log... #

The hunting log keeps track of up to 60 days of detailed combat statistics. It will only log details when using the helper. You can filter statistics by map, accumulative statistics, or 'record per second,' and additionally you can view the statistics either as a table or a graph.

Hunting log hot-key: [End]

The detailed hunting log tracks...
  • Session hunting time.
  • Session normal DMG.
  • Session elemental DMG.
  • Session HP recovered.
  • Session monster kills.
  • Session EXP gained.
The instant hunting log tracks...
  • Helper hunting time.
  • Normal DMG per second.
  • ELE DMG per second.
  • HP recovered per second.
  • Monster kills per second.
  • EXP gained per second.

Helper settings... #

Below we explain each setting in detail for understanding.

Hunting settings...
Class settings...
These settings are only available for certain classes:
'Original position'...

Basic skill settings...

Activation skill settings...
Obtaining settings...
Add extra items...
Other settings...

Helper plus... #

You can use the MU Helper Plus when you are hunting solo, or when you are the party leader. You cannot use helper plus when you are a member of someone else's party. The helper plus is for characters over level 400 hunting in high level maps. You can use the helper plus to automatically move to locations where monsters spawn. The helper will check if there is another player or party in the spot already. If another player or party is already in a spot, the helper will automatically move you and your party to another location until it finds and open spot. If no spot is available, the helper will move to the safe-zone and turn off. The helper plus will even automatically change servers to check spots on other servers.

MU Helper Plus works starting from the Debenter map. You can select which elemental type of monsters you want to target, and if you want to hunt in a main area (with the most monster spawns) or a sub area (with lesser monster spawns).

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