White Wizard & Corps
Once per day, several White Wizards and their corps will invade the Continent of MU! They consistently attack Lorencia, Noria, and Devias, trying to kill low level travelers for loot. Slay the White Wizard and his corps in order to help make the area somewhat safer for low level travelers! It is also an easy way to earn Jewel of Bless and a Buff Item!

Quick Facts
  • Recommended: character level 150+.
  • Spawns in Lorencia, Noria, and Devias.
  • One White Wizard spawns in each maps at random coords.
  • 15 Ogre Soldiers & 10 Ogre Archers also spawn.
  • There is a System Message when the White Wizard spawns.
  • Ogres drop Wizard's Ring (~80% chance).
  • White Wizard drops Jewel of Bless (100% chance).
Invasion time:
The White Wizard and his corps will respawn at this time below:
  • @18:11 (UTC)
Invasion starts in:

*the timer loses sync after awhile; refresh page for accuracy.
This is a unique item which can only be obtained from White Wizard invasions!
  • Always possess these Additional Options:
    1. ATK/WIZ/Curse DMG +10%
    2. ATK Speed +10
  • Durability: 30 minutes
  • Notes:
    • You may only have one Wizard's Ring in the character's Inventory at the same time, but you can collect more by placing them in the personal store after picking one up.
    • There is no limit to how many can be placed in personal store or vault.
    • Cannot be traded or repaired.
    • May be sold via personal store and stored in vault.
    • Durability decreases every 60 seconds the item is equipped.

Game lore...
How to Hunt White Wizard #
White Wizard spawn mechanics:

White Wizard tips & tricks:

White Wizard loot:

White Wizard Invasion
Monster List #
Monster level 87
  • Health: 26,000
  • ATK DMG: 370 ~ 410
  • ATK Rate: 550
  • DEF: 400
  • DEF Rate: 200
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Monster level 74
  • Health: 12,000
  • ATK DMG: 220 ~ 260
  • ATK Rate: 440
  • DEF: 190
  • DEF Rate: 130
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Monster level 70
  • Health: 9,500
  • ATK DMG: 210 ~ 240
  • ATK Rate: 400
  • DEF: 180
  • DEF Rate: 125
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