Gens System
Gens are huge group of players that join together to form a massive faction! There are only two main Gens factions: Duprian and Vanert. Players of opposing factions can compete against each other in mini-games and events!

Speak with either Gens Stewards to join or leave their Gens.
Duprian Steward
NPC Duprian Steward
Duprian is a guild of the greatest heroes in Arca, lead by the Duprian Clan. The Duprian Clan is known as one of the most noble bloodlines in MU. The clan is lead by a glorious and noble knight, Duprian Winston.
  • Located in Lorencia (145, 129).
  • Represents the Duprian faction.
Vanert Steward
NPC Vanert Reicht
Vanert is a noble family led by Vanert Reicht, a well known socialite. He strives, around the clock, to put a stop to Duprian Winston. Vanert Reicht believes the ultimate dream of Duprian is an absolute rule over the empire.
  • Located in Noria (126, 113).
  • Represents the Vanert faction.
Gens restrictions #
Contribution Points #
NPC Steward dialouge Contribution Points are used for the Gens Ranking system. They are mostly earned in Vulcanus by killing players of the opposing Gens faction.
Other ways to earn Contribution Points:
Gens Ranking #
Gens Menu You can earn rewards from Gens by earning a Rank within your Gens. Gens Rank is increased by earning more Contribution Points!
General Ranks
  • Knight: 10,000 Contribution Points
  • Guard: 6,000 Contribution Points
  • Officer: 3,000 Contribution Points
  • Lieutenant: 1,500 Contribution Points
  • Sergeant: 500 Contribution Points
  • Private: Default Rank
Leadership Ranking
  • Rank 1:
    • Grand Duke
  • Rank 2 ~ Rank 5:
    • Duke
  • Rank 6 ~ Rank 10:
    • Marquis
  • Rank 11 ~ Rank 30:
    • Count
  • Rank 31 ~ Rank 50:
    • Viscount
  • Rank 51 ~ Rank 100:
    • Baron
  • Rank 101 ~ Rank 200:
    • Knight Commander
  • Rank 201 ~ Rank 300:
    • Superior Knight
Ranking Rewards #
A character which has held a Leadership Rank can claim rewards from their Gens leader! Rewards can be claimed during the first week of each month.
Leadership Ranking
  • Grand Duke:
    • Shining Jewelry Case (x30)
  • Duke:
    • Shining Jewelry Case (x20)
  • Marquis:
    • Elegant Jewelry Case (x20)
  • Count:
    • Elegant Jewelry Case (x10)
  • Viscount:
    • Steel Jewelry Case (x10)
  • Baron:
    • Steel Jewelry Case (x5)
  • Knight Commander:
    • Old Jewelry Case (x5)
  • Superior Knight:
    • Old Jewelry Case (x3)
Shining Jewelry Case
Shining, Elegant, Steel, and Old Jewelry Case may contain one of the following items:
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