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[Refinery Tower]
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[Kanturu Relics] is home to the [Refinery Tower], which is overlooked by NPC [Elpis]. The [Refinery Tower], sealed by the magical power of a [Moonstone Pendant], is used to refine impure [Gemstones] into beautiful [Jewels of Harmony]! Prior to [Kundun's] resurrection, [Kanturu Relics] was a beautiful place, full of tranquillity. Unfortunately, [Kanturu Relics] is, now, no safe place. An ancient warlord created by the [Kantur People], known as [Nightmare], continues to attack anyone which tries to enter the [Refinery Tower]. Anyone may enter the [Refinery Tower], however, to gain access to it, someone will be forced to deal with [Nightmare] and his monster menace.

[Gateway Machine]
[Gateway Machine]
  • Located in [Kanturu Relics] (140, 186).
  • Entrance to the [Refinery Tower].
  • [Moonstone Pendant] must be equipped to enter the [Refinery Tower].

[Moonstone Pendant]
[Moonstone Pendant]
  • [Mini-game Ticket] item
  • Allows access into [Refinery Tower].
  • Protects against [Nightmare's] special [Skill].
  • Dropped by all [Kanturu Relics] monsters.
  • May not be traded or sold.
  • May be dropped and stored in vault.
  • Equipped in the [Ring] [Equipment Slot].
  • [Durability] decreases by 1 every 60 seconds, while equipped.

[Kanturu] is an area in the north-eastern part of the MU continent. It is here which a thriving race of civilization, which was by far the most advanced civilization than any other, once appeared. These people were known as the [Kantur People]. They had built a kingdom, now known as [Kanturu Relics], deep underground, inside the island. Through its development, and over many years of research and experiments trying to thrive inside their kingdom, the [Kantur People] were able to develop high-level skills in technology, biotechnology, and science. On top of this, they were able to incorporate the magical energies of [Arka] in order to developed very advanced systems. It is known to have been because of these systems, that the [Kantur People] were able to build an underwater city known as [Atlans]. The abundant resources of [Atlans] allowed the [Kantur People] to grow and develop beyond [Kanturu].

The [Kantur People] lived a life of satisfaction, mostly void to the problems occurring in the rest of the continent. During their time, they ultimately discovered ways to create various new life forms from the power of a [Jewel of Harmony], through their biotechnology skills. They discovered that the basis of creating a new life form was held within the power of a [Jewel of Harmony]. However, a pure [Jewel of Harmony] was near impossible to come by in nature. Therefore, the [Kantur People] spent many long years developing a method to purify unrefined [Gemstones]. Through its power, they began attempting to create mixed life forms by combining various species through the magical energies of [Arka], and by using the [Jewel of Harmony] as a medium. After mastering the art, [Dr. Jade], a superior biotechnology researcher of the [Kantur People], wanted to execute an experiment of creating the most intelligent life form known to exist.

Never-the-less, [Code ST-X813], also known as [Elpis], successfully demonstrated the intellectual capabilities that were beyond the expectations of researchers. Created with a goddess as a model, [Elpis] had feminist characteristics, causing [Dr. Jade] to think of her as her own daughter. [Elpis] learned a lot from the researchers, and absorbed the knowledge of their technology and of the [Kantur People]. Excited by the success of [Elpis], the researchers focused on creating another life form. This time, they wanted to create one with the most advanced combat abilities. Through their hard work, [Code ST-X814], also known as [Nightmare], was born. However, unexpectedly, [Nightmare] did not accept its existence, nor its creators, and instead took control over some of the other mixed life forms by starting a rebellion to escape from the control of the researchers.

Due to the unexpected behavior of [Nightmare], a battle between the [Kantur People] and mixed life forms began and spread into an internal war. During the long war, the [Kantur People] became impoverished, as they tried to regain their prior state, but [Nightmare's] strength and his recruited forces were too strong. It was this which caused the [Kantur People] to diminish. Eventually, their own doing would lead to the end of their civilization.

During [Year 1870 of Lugard], also known as year 1010, [Kundun] was resurrected. Consequently, the tranquil places of [Kanturu] and [Atlans] were attacked. Due to the internal wars of the [Kantur People], they had no forces reserved to help [Atlans] against the attacks by [Kundun], and it quickly fell into ruins. It was only after the destruction of [Atlans] that the [Kantur People] felt the urgency to fight together against [Kundun]. They tried to find ways to stop their forces, but by this time it was too late. Unable to block [Kundun], due to the lack of [Atlans'] resources, the prosperous civilization of [Kanturu] was inevitably destroyed and discolored in history. Despite it all, the [Refinery Tower] still stands in the [Kanturu Relics] and [Elpis] remains inside. However, [Nightmare] still roams around it, attacking anyone that tries to enter.

Additional Info
  • Recommended [Character Level]: [Level 350]+
  • While a player is in [Kanturu Ruins] or [Kanturu Relics], a [System Notice] will appear about when [Refinery Tower] opens.
  • If the [Mini-game] is completed, the [Refinery Tower] will be open for 23 hours, and [Nightmare] will not need to be defeated again when entering [Refinery Tower].
  • [Refinery Tower] will be open to any characters on that specific server.
  • Each server, of each realm, has a unique [Refinery Tower] status.
  • NPC [Elpis], inside [Refinery Tower], can refine [Gemstones].
  • [Gemstones] can be obtained from the monster drops of this [Mini-game].
  • [Gemstones] cannot be refined until the [Mini-game] is completed.
  • [Gemstones] are refined into [Jewels of Harmony].
  • Once the [Refinery Tower] closes, [Nightmare] must be defeated again when entering.

[Mini-game] Starting Time
The time which the [Mini-game] actually starts depends on each server's individual status. If [Nightmare] has not yet been killed, the [Regular Schedule] is active. Once [Nightmare] has been killed, the [Opened Schedule] is active. Each server, of each realm, has its own unique status. For example, the [Regular Schedule] may be active on [Server 1], while the [Opened Schedule] is active in [Server 3], of the same realm.
  • [Regular Schedule]:
    • Every 20 minutes
    • During this period, anyone entering [Refinery Tower] must fight [Nightmare].
    • [Entry Period] 3 minute prior to the [Mini-game] start.
    • [Entry Period] closes one minute before the [Mini-game] starts.
  • [Opened Schedule]:
    • Remains open for 23 hours, immediately after [Nightmare] was killed.
    • During this period, anyone entering [Refinery Tower] will not need to fight [Nightmare].
    • After the 23 hours, [Regular Schedule] becomes active.

[Mini-game] Rules
  • A minimum of 1 player must enter, or it will not start.
  • A maximum of 10 players can join in a single instance.
  • [Moonstone Pendant] must be equipped in order to enter the [Refinery Tower] map.
  • [Moonstone Pendant] may be unequipped once inside the [Refinery Tower] map.
  • [Party] is allowed and can be formed inside the [Refinery Tower] map.
  • [Transformation Rings] cannot be used in the [Refinery Tower] map.
  • Any character with a [PK Status] cannot enter the [Refinery Tower] map.
  • Combat adjustments:
    • No penalty upon character death.
    • [PVP] is not allowed.
    • [Moonstone Pendant] protects characters from [Nightmare's] special [Skill].
  • Other adjustments:
    • While players are participating in the [Mini-game], it will remain closed until either completed or failed by the participants.
    • If participants fail to complete the [Mini-game], it will reopen according to the [Regular Schedule].
    • The monsters inside of [Refinery Tower] only drop [Gemstones].
    • Upon death characters are moved to [Kanturu Relics] map.



[Gateway Machine]
[Gateway Machine]
  • Located in [Kanturu Relics] (140, 186).
  • Entrance to the [Refinery Tower].
  • [Moonstone Pendant] must be equipped to enter the [Refinery Tower].

[Gateway Machine] menu
  • Use the [Gateway Machine] to check to status of the [Mini-game].

[Refinery Tower] arena:
  • The arena is a large square, open space, around a Maya statue.
  • Once the [Entry Period] has passed, there is a 1 minute delay before the [Mini-game] starts.

[Refinery Tower] start:
  • There will be a total of 4 waves to complete.
  • When started, the first wave of monsters will immediately appear.
  • At the end of each wave, a boss monster will spawn.
  • Complete each wave to advance to the next wave.
  • Each wave must be completed before the time limit is reached.
  • After a wave is completed, there is a 1 minute delay before the next wave starts.
  • The final wave will take place inside the [Refinery Tower].
  • During the final wave, the additional monsters are not required to be killed. Simply by killing [Nightmare], the final wave will end.

[Refinery Tower] waves:
  • [Wave 1]:
    • [Time Limit]: 15 minutes
    • Kill all monsters:
      • [Blade Hunter] (x30)
      • [Dread Fear] (x10)
    • Then, kill boss monster:
      • [Hand of Maya (left)] (x1)
  • [Wave 2]:
    • [Time Limit]: 15 minutes
    • Kill all monsters:
      • [Blade Hunter] (x30)
      • [Dread Fear] (x10)
    • Then, kill boss monster:
      • [Hand of Maya (right)] (x1)
  • [Wave 3]:
    • [Time Limit]: 20 minutes
    • Kill all monsters:
      • [Dread Fear] (x10)
      • [Twin Tail] (x10)
    • Then, kill boss monsters:
      • [Hand of Maya (left)] (x1)
      • [Hand of Maya (right)] (x1)
  • [Wave 4]:
    • [Time Limit]: 20 minutes
    • The following monsters will be initially spawned:
      • [Genocider] (x15)
      • [Dread Fear] (x15)
      • [Persona] (x15)
    • The monsters are not required to be killed.
    • The boss monsters is immediately spawned.
    • Kill boss monster:
      • [Nightmare] (x1)
    • [Nightmare] has special [Skills]:
      • [Teleport]: instantly moves to a new location.
      • [Summon]: summons more monsters.
      • [Explosion]: causes [Knock-back], and instantly kills anyone without the [Moonstone Pendant] equipped.
    • Special [Skill] usage:
      • [Teleport] & [Summon]: triggered at 75%, 50%, and 25% remaining [HP].
      • [Nightmare] typically teleports closer to the [Refinery Tower] gate, as his HP lessens.
      • [Explosion]: triggered after 50% remaining [HP].

Maya Hand

[Refinery Tower] tips & tricks:
  • Form a [Party] with other characters.
  • Use [Buff Items].
  • Keep extra inventory space free for item drops.
  • You can exit the [Mini-game] at any time, and any [Gemstones] that were collected will be kept.
  • You can exit and reenter the [Mini-game], before actually winning it, to farm [Gemstones] quickly.

[Refinery Tower] [Event Points]:
  • [Event Points] are not applicable in this [Mini-game].

Winning [Refinery Tower]:
  • The [Mini-game] is won by killing [Nightmare] during the final wave.
  • This [Mini-game] will not have an individual determined winner.
  • All rewards, in the [Mini-game], are solely earned from monster drops.
  • [Refinery Tower] is open to the public once the [Mini-game] is won, for 23 hours.

Monster List
[Blade Hunter]
[Blade Hunter]
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 88
  • [Max HP]: 32000
  • [ATK DMG]: 408 ~ 443
  • [DEF]: 315
  • [DEF Rate]: 195
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 105]
  • [Max HP]: 48500
  • [ATK DMG]: 640 ~ 675
  • [DEF]: 515
  • [DEF Rate]: 290
[Twin Tail]
[Twin Tail]
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 117]
  • [Max HP]: 87500
  • [ATK DMG]: 830 ~ 1085
  • [DEF]: 865
  • [DEF Rate]: 440
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 118]
  • [Max HP]: 68000
  • [ATK DMG]: 1168 ~ 1213
  • [DEF]: 615
  • [DEF Rate]: 485
[Dread Fear]
[Dread Fear]
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 119]
  • [Max HP]: 94000
  • [ATK DMG]: 946 ~ 996
  • [DEF]: 783
  • [DEF Rate]: 905
[Hand of Maya (left)]
[Hand of Maya (left)]
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 135]
  • [Max HP]: 400,000
  • [ATK DMG]: 732 ~ 932
  • [DEF]: 315
  • [DEF Rate]: 1445
[Hand of Maya (right)]
[Hand of Maya (right)]
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 135]
  • [Max HP]: 350,000
  • [ATK DMG]: 732 ~ 932
  • [DEF]: 800
  • [DEF Rate]: 550
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 135]
  • [Max HP]: 1,500,000
  • [ATK DMG]: 1,225 ~ 1,468
  • [DEF]: 1,000
  • [DEF Rate]: 420

Reward List
NPC [Elpis]
NPC [Elpis]
  • Owner of the [Refinery Tower].
  • The [Mini-game] must be completed to access this NPC's location.
  • Talk to her to craft [Jewel of Harmony].
  • Located in [Refinery Tower] (74, 174).

[Elpis] menu
  • Talk to NPC [Elpis] to craft [Jewel of Harmony].
  • Click [Refine Gemstone] to open the combination window.

Monster Drops
  • Monsters inside [Refinery Tower]:
  • [Hands of Maya]:
    • Chance to drop [Excellent Item].
    • 50% [Drop Rate]
  • [Nightmare]:
    • Chance to drop [Excellent Item].
    • 50% [Drop Rate]


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