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Crywolf Invasion
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The [Crywolf Fortress] is where the allied forces of humans and elves fight against the forces of [Kundun]. It plays a vital role as the front line of battle against the forces of [Kundun], which features the landscape to make it's structure blessed by natural barriers for immense defense and defined strategy.

[Crywolf] Fortress
  • The [Crywolf Fortress] is located in the [Crywolf] [Map], directly north of the [Map] entrance.
  • Required [Character Level]: [Level 160]

[Mini-game] Schedule & Starting Time
This is a time line of the [Mini-game] process which takes place on Wednesday, each week. You should enter the [Mini-game] area before the listed start time however, there is no required time frame to actually be able to participate as you can enter the [Map] freely.
  • [Wednesday] @09:29 ~ 09:35 (UTC):
    • [Announcement Period]
    • There will be [System Announcements] in [Crywolf] [Map] to notify players that the [Mini-game] will start soon!
  • [Wednesday] @09:35 ~ 09:40 (UTC):
    • [Cutscene Period]
    • There will be a short cutscene display to players inside the [Crywolf] [Map], and to any player which enters the [Map] during this period.
    • The monsters, which will invade the fortress, will appear around of the fortress during this period.
    • You cannot attack the invading monsters during this period.
  • [Wednesday] @09:40 ~ 09:45 (UTC):
    • [Contract Period]
    • [Elf] [Character Class] can create a [Contract] with the [Wolf Statue] in order to strengthen and protect it, during this period.
  • [Wednesday] @09:45 ~ 10:00 (UTC):
    • [Battle Period]: the [Crywolf Invasion] battle begins!
    • The invading monsters will immediately start to invade the fortress.
    • [Balgass] will spawn @09:55 (UTC), during this period.

[Mini-game] Rules
  • [Party] is allowed.
  • Any character can participate in this [Mini-game] however, the [Map] which it takes place in has a [Character Level] requirement of [Level 160] to enter the [Map].
  • Only [Fairy Elf] [Character Class], of at least [Character Level] [Level 350], can make a [Contract] with the [Wolf Alter].
  • [Contract] with the [Wolf Alter] can only be made during the [Contract Period].
  • A max of (x2) [Wolf Alters] may have [Contracts] held.
  • Combat adjustments:
    • No penalty upon character death.
    • [PVP] is not allowed, until the end of the [Mini-game].
  • Other adjustments:
    • Characters cannot open the [Personal Store] during the [Mini-game].
    • [Warp] is disabled during the [Mini-game].
    • The [Crywolf Fortress] will not be a [Safe Zone] and all [NPC] will be removed from the [Safe Zone], during the [Mini-game].



[Wolf Statue] and [Alters]
  • The [Wolf Statue] has (x5) [Wolf Alter] around it.
  • The statue can be strengthened by [Fairy Elf] characters making a [Contract] with a [Wolf Alter].
  • If a character makes a [Contract] with a [Wolf Alter], the character must remain inside the [Wolf Alter].
  • If a character leaves a [Wolf Alter], then the [Contract] is broken.
  • The [Wolf Statue] [HP] will increase according to the character's [HP] which holds a [Contract] on a [Wolf Alter].

[Crywolf Invasion] [User Interface]
[Mini-game] [User Interface] displays:
  • [Contracts] and [Alters] remaining.
  • [Wolf Statue] [HP] remaining.
  • Number of [Dark Elf] monsters remaining.
  • [Balgass] [HP] remaining.
  • Time remaining.

[Crywolf Fortress] area:
  • The [Wolf Statue] is located in the center of the [Crywolf Fortress].
  • Around the [Wolf Statue] are [Alters], which are used to strengthen the statue.
  • The fortress has three entrances which monsters will breach: North, East, and South.

[Crywolf Invasion] start:
  • The participating players must work together to prevent monsters from breaching the area and destroying the [Wolf Statue] and [Wolf Alters].
  • The monsters try to quickly move towards the [Wolf Statue].
  • The goal is to eliminate the entire army, including [Balgass].
  • [Balgass] is a [Boss Monster] which will spawn when 5 minutes remain.
  • When [Balgass] is killed, the [Mini-game] is successfully won.
  • If the [Wolf Statue] gets destroyed, the [Mini-game] will end as a failure.

[Crywolf Invasion] example

[Crywolf Invasion] waves:
  • [Wave 1]:
    • Defeat [Dark Elf] (x12)
    • Time Limit: 15 minutes
  • [Wave 2]:
    • [Boss Monster] spawns when 5 minutes are remaining:
      • Defeat [Balgass] (x1)
      • Time Limit: 5 minutes

[Crywolf Invasion] tips & tricks:
  • Some player should always make at least one [Contract] with [Wolf Alter].
  • Make sure some players stay inside the fortress to protect the [Wolf Statue] directly.
  • A few players should wander outside the fortress to impede the monster's path.
  • Form a [Party] with other players.
  • Keep close to other [Party Members] during the [Mini-game].
  • Use [Buff Items] and [Buff] [Skills].
  • Use [AOE] [Skills] for more effective attacking.

[Crywolf Invasion] [Event Points]:
  • [Event Points] are earned from killing monsters during the [Mini-game]:
    • [Balgass]: (x7,000) [Event Points]
    • [Dark Elf]: (x3,000) [Event Points]
    • [Death Trineo]: (x1,000) [Event Points]
    • [Soram]: (x700) [Event Points]
    • [Balram]: (x600) [Event Points]
    • [Death Spirit]: (x600) [Event Points]
  • [Event Points] are used to calculate the amount of [EXP] which is rewarded to winning participants.
  • [Event Points] are given to the character that deals the final damage which kills the monster.
  • Any character which held a [Contract] without dying will earn an additional (x6,000) [Event Points] at the end of the [Mini-game].

Winning [Crywolf Invasion]:
  • The [Mini-game] is won by surviving the invasion, and killing the army.
  • The [Wolf Statue] must not be destroyed in order to win the [Mini-game].

Losing [Crywolf Invasion]:
  • If the [Mini-game] is a failure, the following effects will take place on the entire [Realm]:
    • [Land of Trials] [Map] will have a decreased [Drop Rate] of [Jewel of Guardian].
    • [Crywolf Fortress] will not be a [Safe Zone] anymore, and all the [NPC] will not appear in the area.

[Crywolf Invasion] example

Monster List
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 135]
  • [Max HP]: 4,000,000
  • [ATK DMG]: 1,000 ~ 1,500
  • [ATK Rate]: 2,000
  • [DEF]: 700
  • [DEF Rate]: 370
[Dark Elf]
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 135]
  • [Max HP]: 1,000,000
  • [ATK DMG]: 800
  • [ATK Rate]: 1,500
  • [DEF]: 650
  • [DEF Rate]: 370
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 134]
  • [Max HP]: 100,000
  • [ATK DMG]: 600 ~ 650
  • [ATK Rate]: 1,500
  • [DEF]: 500
  • [DEF Rate]: 397
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 134]
  • [Max HP]: 90,000
  • [ATK DMG]: 600 ~ 650
  • [ATK Rate]: 1,500
  • [DEF]: 500
  • [DEF Rate]: 370
[Death Trineo]
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 133]
  • [Max HP]: 500,000
  • [ATK DMG]: 650 ~ 750
  • [ATK Rate]: 1,500
  • [DEF]: 550
  • [DEF Rate]: 370
[Death Spirit]
  • [Monster Level]: [Level 132]
  • [Max HP]: 95,000
  • [ATK DMG]: 600 ~ 650
  • [ATK Rate]: 1,500
  • [DEF]: 500
  • [DEF Rate]: 397

Reward List
[EXP] Reward
[EXP] is rewarded to winning participants based on the amount of [Event Points] which the character earned:
  • Less than (x1,001) [Event Points]:
    • [Rank D]: (x0) [EXP]
  • (x1,001) ~ (x3,000) [Event Points]:
    • [Rank C]: (x200,000) [EXP]
  • (x3,001) ~ (x5,000) [Event Points]:
    • [Rank B]: (x800,000) [EXP]
  • (x5,001) ~ (x10,000) [Event Points]:
    • [Rank A]: (x1,200,000) [EXP]
  • Greater than (x10,000) [Event Points]:
    • [Rank S]: (x1,800,000) [EXP]
Item Reward
The following item is rewarded to winning participants at the end of the [Mini-game] (it appears on the ground):
  • [Jewel of Bless] (x1)
[Realm] Reward
The following effect will take place on the entire [Realm], for one week, if the [Mini-game] is won successfully:
  • Monster [HP] decreased by 10% in all [Maps], except [Land of Trials].
  • The [Success Rate] of crafting [Mini-game Ticket] items increases by [+5%].
  • [Kundun] will not automatically recover [HP] anymore.


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