Crywolf Invasion
The Crywolf Fortress is where the allied forces of humans and elves fight against the forces of Kundun. It plays a vital role as the front line of battle against the forces of Kundun, which features the landscape to make it's structure blessed by natural barriers for immense defense and defined strategy.

Quick Facts
  • Location: Crywolf
  • Requires character level 160.
  • Recommended for characters over level 300.
  • There is a System Notice which appears when this mini-game starts, but only in the Crywolf map.
  • You can earn a Jewel of Bless for participating.
  • Most importantly, protecting Crywolf will earn the whole realm some extra passive benefits for one week!
Crywolf Fortress
Schedule & Starting Time
Wednesday @09:29 ~ 10:00 (UTC)
@09:29 ~ 09:34
Announcement Period
  • System notices are displayed to any player in Crywolf about the mini-game start time!
@09:35 ~ 09:39
Cutscene Period
  • A cutscene is shown to any player in Crywolf.
  • A cutscene is shown to any player that enters Crywolf during this period!
  • The monsters which are about to attack will appear in Crywolf but you cannot attack them.
@09:40 ~ 09:44
Contract Period
  • Elf class characters can create a contract with the Wolf Statue during this period.
@09:45 ~ 10:00
The battle begins!
  • The monsters will immediately start attacking!
  • Balgass spawns @09:55!
Mini-game Rules
Game-play #
Wolf Statue and Alters
  • The Wolf Statue has (x5) Wolf Alter around it.
  • The statue can be strengthened by Fairy Elf characters making a Contract with a Wolf Alter.
  • If a character makes a Contract with a Wolf Alter, the character must remain inside the Wolf Alter.
  • If a character leaves a Wolf Alter, then the Contract is broken.
  • The Wolf Statue HP will increase according to the character's HP which holds a Contract on a Wolf Alter.
Crywolf Invasion User Interface
Mini-game User Interface displays:
  • Contracts and Alters remaining.
  • Wolf Statue HP remaining.
  • Number of Dark Elf monsters remaining.
  • Balgass HP remaining.
  • Time remaining.
Crywolf Fortress area:
  • The Wolf Statue is located in the center of the Crywolf Fortress.
  • Around the Wolf Statue are Alters, which are used to strengthen the statue.
  • The fortress has three entrances which monsters will breach: North, East, and South.
Crywolf Invasion start:
  • The participating players must work together to prevent monsters from breaching the area and destroying the Wolf Statue and Wolf Alters.
  • The monsters try to quickly move towards the Wolf Statue.
  • The goal is to eliminate the entire army, including Balgass.
  • Balgass is a Boss Monster which will spawn when 5 minutes remain.
  • When Balgass is killed, the Mini-game is successfully won.
  • If the Wolf Statue gets destroyed, the Mini-game will end as a failure.
Crywolf Invasion example
Crywolf Invasion waves:
  • Wave 1:
    • Defeat Dark Elf (x12)
    • Time Limit: 15 minutes
  • Wave 2:
    • Boss Monster spawns when 5 minutes are remaining:
      • Defeat Balgass (x1)
      • Time Limit: 5 minutes
Crywolf Invasion tips & tricks:
  • Some player should always make at least one Contract with Wolf Alter.
  • Make sure some players stay inside the fortress to protect the Wolf Statue directly.
  • A few players should wander outside the fortress to impede the monster's path.
  • Form a Party with other players.
  • Keep close to other Party Members during the Mini-game.
  • Use Buff Items and Buff Skills.
  • Use AOE Skills for more effective attacking.
Crywolf Invasion Event Points:
  • Event Points are earned from killing monsters during the Mini-game:
    • Balgass: (x7,000) Event Points
    • Dark Elf: (x3,000) Event Points
    • Death Trineo: (x1,000) Event Points
    • Soram: (x700) Event Points
    • Balram: (x600) Event Points
    • Death Spirit: (x600) Event Points
  • Event Points are used to calculate the amount of EXP which is rewarded to winning participants.
  • Event Points are given to the character that deals the final damage which kills the monster.
  • Any character which held a Contract without dying will earn an additional (x6,000) Event Points at the end of the Mini-game.
Winning Crywolf Invasion:
  • The Mini-game is won by surviving the invasion, and killing the army.
  • The Wolf Statue must not be destroyed in order to win the Mini-game.

Losing Crywolf Invasion:
  • If the Mini-game is a failure, the following effects will take place on the entire Realm:
    • Land of Trials Map will have a decreased Drop Rate of Jewel of Guardian.
    • Crywolf Fortress will not be a Safe Zone anymore, and all the NPC will not appear in the area.
Crywolf Invasion example
Monster List #
Monster level 135
  • Health: 400,000
  • ATK DMG: 1,000 ~ 1,500
  • ATK Rate: 2,000
  • DEF: 700
  • DEF Rate: 370
Monster level 135
  • Health: 1,000,000
  • ATK DMG: 800 ~ 800
  • ATK Rate: 1,500
  • DEF: 650
  • DEF Rate: 370
Monster level 134
  • Health: 100,000
  • ATK DMG: 600 ~ 650
  • ATK Rate: 1,500
  • DEF: 500
  • DEF Rate: 397
Monster level 134
  • Health: 90,000
  • ATK DMG: 600 ~ 650
  • ATK Rate: 1,500
  • DEF: 500
  • DEF Rate: 370
Monster level 133
  • Health: 500,000
  • ATK DMG: 650 ~ 750
  • ATK Rate: 1,500
  • DEF: 550
  • DEF Rate: 370
Monster level 134
  • Health: 95,000
  • ATK DMG: 600 ~ 650
  • ATK Rate: 1,500
  • DEF: 500
  • DEF Rate: 397
Reward List #
Individual Reward
If Crywolf is successfully defended, each player receives the following item:
  • Jewel of Bless
*it appears on the ground.
Realm Reward
If Crywolf is successfully defended, the whole realm sees the following effects for one week:
  • Monster HP decreased by 10%! (except Land of Trials)
  • Mini-game Ticket crafting success increases +5%.
  • The boss monster Kundun will not auto recover HP.
EXP Reward
EXP is rewarded to winning participants based on the amount of Event Points which the character earned.

*below, EP = Event Points
Rank D
x1,000 EP or less
EXP x0 rewarded
Rank C
x1,001 ~ x3,000 EP
EXP x200,000 rewarded
Rank B
x3,001 ~ x5,000 EP
EXP x800,000 rewarded
Rank A
x5,001 ~ x10,000 EP
EXP x1,200,000 rewarded
Rank S
x10,001 EP or more
EXP x1,800,000 rewarded
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