PVP Mechanics
Player vs player combat exists in the game, though its become obsolete. You'll get sanctioned with pretty heavy penalties when you kill other players. Because of this, not many people participate in open PVP combat anymore. Furthermore, there is a 3 kill limit when killing other players. Meaning, after killing three players you will no longer be able to kill any other players or monsters! You'll be forced to go to Vulcanus, or wait in a safe-zone until your PK Status wares off! With all that said, there is still fun and active pvp combat within mini-games like Castle Seige or Chaos Castle!

Player vs. Player Combat (PVP)
PK Status
You'll get a PK Status if you kill another character.
  • PK Level 1: (1st kill)
    • PK Points: 21,600
    • Item Drop Rate: 25%
    • EXP loss: 5%
  • PK Level 2: (2nd kill)
    • PK Points: 43,200
    • Item Drop Rate: 50%
    • EXP loss: 10%
  • PK Level 3: (3rd kill)
    • PK Points: 86,400
    • Item Drop Rate: 90%
    • EXP loss: 20%
*pk points decrease by killing monsters, or when standing in a safe-zone.
PVP Restrictions
Your character will have to face these restrictions once it gets a PK Status.
  • PK Level 1: (1st kill)
    • Cannot use NPC shops!
    • Cannot connect to NON-PVP servers!
  • PK Level 2: (2nd kill)
    • Increased warp costs!
    • Always spawn in Lorencia!
  • PK Level 3: (3rd kill)
    • PK Points do not decrease in safe-zones!
    • Cannot kill monsters or players outside of the Vulcanus map!
*you have to kill monsters in Vulcanus to get rid of PK Level 3!
Items Dropped on Death
When you have a PK Status you can drop items on death! Check below which items can and cannot be dropped on death.
May drop on death:
  • Any armor item
  • Any weapon item
  • Any ring item
  • Any pendant item
Cannot drop on death:
  • Earrings
  • Wings/Capes
  • Pentagrams
  • Guardians
  • [Bound] items
  • Cash shop items
Notes & Tips
Vulcanus map
The Vulcanus Map is the ultimate PVP battlegrounds of MU. There is a Duel Arena here where warriors can have friendly battles against each other. Gens Members come here to shed blood as well, earning themselves Contribution Points for fame and glory!
Contribution Points #
NPC Steward dialouge Contribution Points are used for the Gens Ranking system. They are mostly earned in Vulcanus by killing players of the opposing Gens faction.
Other ways to earn Contribution Points:
Colosseum Duel Arena
The Colosseum is a duel arena which is located in the Vulcanus Map. To participate in a Duel a player can challenge another player via Character Command, in any Map. To watch an on-going Duel, you can enter through NPC Doorkeeper Titas, in Vulcanus. Duels are "friendly" fights, so there will be no penalties for killing each other, during the Duel.

Gladiator's Honor Buff
You will earn a Buff for 60 minutes after winning any Duel!
  • Gladiator's Honor Buff:
    • EXP +20%
    • Vulcanus drop rate increase!
  • Duration: 60 minutes
Gladiators Honor

Spectating Duels
Doorkeeper Titus
Watch any on-going Duels via NPC Doorkeeper Titus!
Dueling Arena

Notes & Tips

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